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It’s been a good week for app-inspired nostalgia. On top of last week’s Pokmon craze, Disney also has a new app that will provide some throwback joy.

The company merely launched its new emoji app, Disney Emoji Blitz, which brings some of its most-love characters to your keyboard.

Part game part emoji keyboard, the app offers a somewhat different take than the typical emoji keyboard. The keyboard starts out with only a handful of characters, and users earn more by playing the accompanying match-three game.

The game itself is similar to other Disney games: players match situateds of three or more of emoji in 60 -second rounds, while earning bonuses and racking up points. Points get you in-game coins, which can be redeemed for additional characters for the keyboard section of the app.

The concept may sound a little gimmicky( and it does include the requisite in-app purchase options as well) but the characters themselves don’t feel gimmicky at all.

Image: Disney

The characters, which come from old favorites like The Little Mermaid as well as newer titles like Finding Dory , aren’t merely pulled from the films they come from. Each one was redesigned to take over distinctly emoji-like characteristics, says the app’s executive producer Nacia Chambers.

“The team did a lot of research, looking at Unicode emojis, ” she tells Mashable . “We looked at how all of those known platforms were carrying all of these different express and then we went and said ‘OK, what’s the Disney take on these? ‘ “

Right now the app has characters from 33 different Disney movies and a couple hundred other “object” characters( believe, shoes, automobiles and the other non-smiley face emoji ), and Chambers says they plan to continue updating the app with additional characters.

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