You can’t beat baby powder in your bed. Here’s why!

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There are many products which are branded for one thing, but actually have many other uses as well that most of us dont realize.

Common household items might have one use that youre very well known, but also may have a five other uses that youre not. Baby powder is one of those items that go much further than just something to utilize on a newborn!

Here are some clever tips and tricks for getting the most out of newborn powder in ways you probably never would have thought of.

Dont have time to wash your hair tonight? Well, you dont want to show up all greasy-haired in the morning, so what do you do? Simply sprinkle some newborn powder on your hairline before bed and it actually soaks up all the petroleum and grease overnight. Just comb your hair out in the morning and you should be grease-free!

Before you put on your makeup, hurl some baby powder on your face and powder away. This actually works as a primer, helping your foundation stay in place. This is basically what the expensive face powder does, so you can save a lot of money only employing baby powder instead.

You can also use baby powder as an aftershave as it soothes redness and conserves moisture.

You was in fact lengthen your eyelashes with baby powder by applying a base of mascara, then applying some baby powder with an eyeshadow brush, and then another layer of mascara.

Women who have very thin eyebrows can significantly benefit from baby powder by brushing a little newborn powder into your eyebrows and then applying eyebrow powder as this will cause your eyebrows to seem fuller and much more healthier.

It even works for lipstick! Simply take a tissue and put it over your lips, then brush a coat of newborn powder over the tissue. Apply a second layer of colouring to your lips. This will be enhanced the lasting power of lipstick.

To help ease the pain of waxing, you can apply some powder to your skin as a sort of pre-wax treatment. This will avoid the wax from sticking to your skin, but still will be effective for removing hair.

Putting baby powder on small meanders and cuts can aid in the healing process by stopping the bleeding, and sealing the wound.

Tights can be very uncomfortable to wear. Spreading baby powder on your legs before wearing tights can cut down on the vexing rubbing that can occur.

Getting new shoes always seems to mean get fresh blisters. Baby powder to your feet can avoid this from happening. It lessons the friction, while absorbing the moisture. No more blisters! Plus it runs great as a shoe deodorizer.

Sprinkling baby powder on your bed sheets during hot summertime nights was in fact cool you down significantly, even if there is no air conditioner in the room.

It can help with pimples as well as it governs petroleums and soothes your inflamed skin.

Baby powder is also a deodorant alternative and runs very well!

As you can see, there are several different utilizes for newborn powder. It can maintain you fresh and cool while alleviating so many friction related issues with tight fitting clothes. Give baby powder a try and save yourself a lot of money on a product that the project works just as well, if not better!

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