You Can Ultimately Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes

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Ever since the working day of , people have always been envious of Sarah Jessica Parker for her incredible shoes. Well, we were technically jealous of Carrie Bradshaw for her shoes, but they’re basically the same person so whatever.

In true enterprising celebrity style, SJP is now aiming to make a few bucks off our shoe resentment, because she just opened her first shoe store outside of Washington DC. The store is in a new casino/ resort/ mall complex in Maryland, which sounds a little low-rent but we’ll reserve judgment, I guess.

Unfortunately for all the Manolo Blahnik fans out there, the store only carries SJP’s own line of shoes, inventively titled “SJP.” But good news, if you need something to wear along with the shoes, they also carry Sarah’s new line of little black garbs, with an equally clever name: LBD by SJP. Wow, girl has name ideas for days. Realistically, she’s probably paying a marketing major tons of fund for these name ideas.

So go check out the store if you’re in the DC area, or realistically, merely shop the collection online because who the fuck wants to park at a mall in December. No word on whether Charlotte or Samantha will make appearance, but we’re guessing Aidan is probably a no.

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