You Can Change The Colouring Of These Sneakers Instantly So You WouldnaEUR( tm) t Wear The Same Shoes Twice

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Shiftwear aims to bring you the future early with their customizable, HD eInk-powered shoes. The shoes promise to( eventually) let you display animations and coloring images on the sides of your sneakers, all controlled through a mobile or desktop application. New York-based Shiftwear has already created 128,560 USD, surpassing their 25,000 USD goal.

Hurdles remain, however. 2 million USD is necessary to produce the concept shoe shown in the promotional videos, as 25,000 is only to fund a prototype. If made, Shiftwear promises that their shoes is likely to be self-powered, 100% waterproof, have kevlar fiber soles, and come in 3 different styles. If all goes well, they will be available by mid 2016.

Watch a video of the concept shoes in action below:

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