Woman’s Tinder Date Goes Terribly As She Has To Escape From A Boat

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Bad dates are a nightmare. For my worst date, a girl and I went to a tavern in a really shit part of London( where she was attending university) and, when we got there, we literally had nothing to talk about. I was on terrible kind and kept talking about her ex. There’s not even a punchline. It was just a bad date .

At least I could have gotten out whenever I wanted to though.

For Kayla Hutch, 24, when her date ran pear shaped, she was more or less trapped at sea.

Around a year ago, she matched on Tinder with a guywhowe’re going to call Ronathan. Not much happened between them but, after deleting and re-downloading the app, Kayla matched with Ronathan again- except this time they properly talked to each other…

“Lmao !!!!!! ” is an immediate unmatch, in my eyes .

She claims that she wasn’t really into Ronathan but he seemed really nice over text and such and was a bit of a dreamboat … which is a coincidence because that’s exactly where he took her!

Ronathan told Kayla that a cousinof his had rented a boat for a party and she agreed to be his date for told event. She told Buzzfeed 😛 TAGEND

I wasnt that interested in him the entire time which is why it had taken so long […] But he was so persistent and really nice over text so when he brought up the idea of going on a Labor Day barge ride, it voiced nice and I supposed Id give him a chance .

So much potential for boat gags expended. Also, is it simply me or does 7:09 PM seem like a really odd time to charge your telephone?

Anyway, problems arose when Kayla got to the boat and find that, instead of a healthy mixture of boys and girls, there was like five guys and about 15 young women who, as it turned out, had all been invited to the barge by Ronathan in the exact same scenario as herself.

I was inducing dialogue with some of the other girls and I was sort of asking how they knew him and one of them told me she knew him the same way I had. Theyd been talking on Tinder and this was their first time meeting . I was immediately angry .

I guess thats a normal thing for him. He invites a bunch of daughters for his friends so he can make sure they all hook up with person .

She then used to say Adam afterwards came over to her to ask why she seemed so grumpy and that’s when she got even more cross. She accused him of setting up some kind of bachelor barge and then taking hispick of whatever daughter he wanted, to which he responded something like “ what? Me? Naaahhh … ” and then walked off.

She also hurled one of his shoes overboard so, you know, there’s that. Later on, she found out that one of the girls on the boat had a friend who had a barge so they both constructed their daring escape.

To try and make amends, one of Ronathan’s friends texted Kayla which, to be honest, only looks like he was putting on the chirps…

Ronathan later posted this lovely and perfectly levelheaded message on Kayla’s Facebook wall so, rest assured, everything’s cool…

You know what that entails? Like half of his friends are dentists. That’s pretty weird.

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H/ T: Buzzfeed

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