Why Antoine Griezmann is France’s ultimate Euro 2016 hero

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Courtney Clayton

I want an old fashioned various kinds of love. And I don’t mean I want to be courted, or to have every door opened for me, or to have someone pay for my every bill because I can do that perfectly on my own.

I don’t need the politeness or the handwritten letters. I don’t need the sunsets and sunrises. I don’t need the lagoon filled with white swans and the romance all Nicholas Sparks volumes entail. To be perfectly honest, I don’t need any of that. And I don’t want it.

Because passion fades-out. Looks fade. Wrinkles arrive. Sickness comes. Death comes. And for me, life is too short in order to be allowed to waste my day on nearly love and fake relationships.

When my granddad succumbed, I remember my grandmother saying over and over again that she missed him. She had dementia, and later succumbed of it at the age of 92, but she recollected him. She recollected their love. And she missed it so heartbreakingly much. All she wanted was for him happening there next to her giving her a foot rub and kissing her gently on the cheek.

HTAG 1 TTThat’s the kind of love I want.HETAG 1 TT

It’s the kind of love that seeps through your every vein. The various kinds of love that is gentle and innocent. The various kinds of love that doesn’t ever stop even when the other person’s heart stops.

I want the various kinds of love that is just as strong fifty years later from the first meeting. I want my heart to beat out of my chest every single period I see this person smile at me. And I want to remember all the first times. And all the milestones we have gotten through together.

HTAG 2 TTAnd I want the various kinds of love that is worth missing. That’s so worth it, even when you lose this person. I want the kind of love that I would never ever regret. I want the various kinds of love that inhales even when I can’t anymore.HETAG 2 TT

I don’t need the current, or the gifts, or the gestures. I don’t need to be spoiled. I don’t need the diamond ring, or the designer pouches. I don’t need anything. Because if I ever find this kind of love, I won’t need anything else.

I want the various kinds of love that induces me wake up every day and smile knowing that I still am in love. The kind of love that doesn’t fade no matter the distance or time apart. I want the various kinds of love that is worth the fight. That’s worth all the hard time and the fights and the dark days. Because this kind of love is imperfect, just like anything.

But I want the various kinds of love that is ever changing and always evolving.

I want the various kinds of love that doesn’t grow apart. That doesn’t fade when period causes damages on my seems. I want the kind of love that is authentic. That isn’t superficial. That will see my youth merely by appearing in my eyes.

I want old-fashioned love. I don’t need the material shit this world likes to stimulates us want. I don’t need the one night stands and the string of guys I have saved on my phone.

I just need it to be real. The kind of love that is hard and easy all at once. The true love that is beautiful even amidst the ugly. I want the love my grandparents had. The classic old-fashioned love, that never dies.

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Antoine Griezmann has found himself celebrating many objectives during the Euro 2016 tournament .
Image: Michael Sohn/ AP

Antoine Griezmann scored both objectives for France in Les Bleus’ Euro 2016 semifinal win over Germany on Thursday night.

That sends the hosts to Paris, where they’ll face Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal side on Sunday for the championship.Griezmann is the tournament’s top scorer, with six objectives in six matches for France.

But his narrative comes with an additional, irresistible wrinkle: Griezmann’s older sister survived the terror attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris last November by spreading herself motionless on the floor as ISIS-affiliated gunmen murdered others around her.

If you moved, you were shot, Maud Griezmann told Sam Borden of The New York Times in an article published Thursday. A person next to me moved, and they shot him. They only shot him, and I heard him land.

Maud Griezmann was at the Bataclan with her boyfriend, according to the Times . Meanwhile, across township, Antoine Griezmann and the French national team played a friendly match against Germany the same night. But that game was rendered a footnote after terrorists attempted to attack theStade de France as part of a series of coordinated strikes across the city.

Maud Griezmann is 28 years old; Antoine Griezmann is 25. Big sister now runs as a public relations agent for her soccer-star friend an arrangement the Times reports began this January as Antoine’s professional career took off with Atletico Madrid, his club team.

It is an amazing time for Antoine now, Maud told the paper. It is an amazing time for all of us.

With six objectives in six games, Griezmann results all Euro 2016 players.

Image: Mehdi Taamallah/ NurPhoto/ Sipa USA

November’s friendly between France and Germany at the Stade de France was the two European powerhouses’ most recent meeting until Thursday’s Euro 2016 semifinal. That night last November, family members anxiously awaited term from Maud as news of the Bataclan attack spread.

“Thanks God my sister “ve managed to” exit the Bataclan, ” Antoine posted to Twitter after Maud was confirmed safe. “All my prayers go to the victims and their families.”

More lately, this Thursday night, Antoine scored two goals to put France through to the Euro 2016 final.

Teammates mob Griezmann after his second objective against Germany on Thursday.

Image: Petr David Josek/ AP

Griezmann’s first aim Thursday came on a penalty in first-half stoppage hour that swayed the match’s momentum toward France after 45 scoreless minutes dominated by Germany. His second, which all but sealed the enter into negotiations with some 20 minutes remaining in the match, was an opportunistic strike after a bit of magic by teammate Paul Pogba.

Now Les Bleus advance to the final in Paris, where they’ll seek to deliver France a Euro tournament championship eight months after one of the country’s darkest days.

At the center of it all? Griezmann, the tournament’s resulting scorer, breakout starring and a human whose sister narrowly survived November’s terrorist attacks.

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