Which Buffy Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Daniella Urdinlaiz

Are you a Buffy fan? Do your interests also include speaking at length about natal charts at parties? Then look no further! Let me welcome you to a place where Buffy The Vampire Slayer and astrology collide! the article “youve never” knew you needed. Just sit back, relax, grab your goblet of blood( or wine) and commune with the stars! Or sod off, I don’t care.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( November 23 rd to December 21 st )

Woo, you got Xander! Lets have anotherwoo? Youre the philosophical one; spraying words of wisdom all over the place. Is spraying a good word for that? Sometimes your strategies, I mean, theories, are a little zany, but I gamble they called Albert Einstein crazy too! Crazy like a fox. Your boundless energy means you’re constantly on the move — in a good way. Youre not operating away from the demon, youre merely operating around . A compulsive reinvent-er, it’s not unusual for you to be a streetwise bartender the working day and the next, a friendly and entirely not creepy suburban ice cream man( or woman !) Furthermore, Sagittarius people are not well known for their tact. Sometimes words simply fall out. Thats cool though. It shows how you play things off the cuff. I like that. With a great sense of humor to boot — Oh! you should be a comedian next! Wait … no, you kind of have to be mildly depressed for that. Gah! Never mind.

Your Buffy quote: ” Generally speaking, when scary things get scared- not good .”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( April 20 th to May 21 st )

Fuck the haters. Youre just out here trying to live your truth by being the most wonderful person on countries around the world, and SOME people( not going to name any names) are trying to “ve brought you” down with all their problems and impressions . A bit materialistic, yes, but you just know how to play the game. To make it in this world, you gotta have the shoes to match. Those born under the Taurus sign can be rather selfish but are no strangers to some astound generosity. Because whats better than a birthday card full of fund? Lets be REAL.And you do tend to use your humour and cold-hearted integrity to deflect people from actually probing too much about your life. I entail, who wants to ever deal with all that gross stuff below the surface. Not me! You got a tough shell cuz its a tough world, ok? Also, weeping in public is NOT a good appear, especially with this cute Gucci dress.

Your Buffy quote: ” Ouch !!! Please get your extreme oafishness off my two hundred dollar shoes.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( August 23 rd to September 22 nd )

Oh dear, youre Giles. It was able to make sense that youre the rock( and father figure) of this group. As a Virgo( and Watcher ), you excel in being analytical, hardworking, and practical. Youre prone to planning things out and staying focused. Theres no room for surprises. Subsequently, you dont like being the center of attention as you shy away from the spotlight. But whats with all these people calling you un-fun? You can be fun! You can be wild! I mean your friends used to call you Ripper so set whatever that means into your tube and smoke it! Wait no, its likely best to avoid smoking. I hear its quite harmful. However, you do tend to be worrisome and too critical due to the high expectations set for yourself( and everyone around you !). You believe that emotions cloud your decision making so they are best left undiscussed. Would you talk to Buffy about how you felt when you and her mom got together and, um , no, we shouldnt discuss such matters. Its too vulgar. Regardless, you are a DO-er! And without you , no one would ever get a single explosion thing done. All run and no play stimulates Jacka very successful is part of society thank you very much.

Your Buffy quote : Remember you have a sacred duty to perform. Don’t stick your elbows out .”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( January 21 st to February 18 th )

Oooh, me head is all sorts of tingly now. Maybe its because you got Drusilla! Youre the moony, slightly unhinged vampiress who floats around barefoot. A bit unorthodox and Bohemian, sure, but you are at least original. Aquarius people love fighting for causes! Those causes may be to bring about demise and demolition, but everybody needs a pastime. You also enjoy art and a leisurely lifestyle. Because sometimes you only want to walk around your spooky estate and gaze into your reflecting pond, ok? Like Drusilla, you are occasionally temperamental and aloof, but that comes with the psychic abilities province( not to mention the fact that you were driven mad by your cruel sire and doomed to eternal life as an absolute head case, ugh .) And as you adapt to the energy around you, you need your alone time too, away from the world. Your energy is very important and involves regular restoration, along with constant mental stimulation. Otherwise, you get bored and leave your deadbeat boyfriend for, I dont know, a Fungus demon or something.

Your Buffy quote: ” Sorry. I was in the moment.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( September 23 rd to October 22 nd )

Hey youre the quintessential best friend, confidante, witch. Wait, come again? Libras are all about balance. You need complete harmony in your life. And we dont mean that Harmony, the pom-pom wagging snob from high school. Harmony as in being a straight-A student by day and professional HWIC( Head Witch In Charge) at night. Youre passionate about justice and doing the right thing. No wonder you belong to an evil-fighting Scooby gang. Youre cooperative by nature so you constantly need to be part of a team. But youre not a follower! Hello-o-o , have you ever heard of strength in numbers? Kinda what Im talking about here. You have a desire to be inspired on the daily so you like to surround yourself with art and music. I mean, you dated a musician! How cool is that! Youre so NOT a nerd. The one thing you hate is situations of conflict and* shiver* confrontation. You simply want everyone to get along with, why cant you all simply get along? Lastly, you have the holy gift of possessing a keen and intellectual mind, which is why you make such a terrific witch. The best witch around, in fact. Just dont piss her off.

Your Buffy quote: Old dependable? Yeah, great. Theres a sexy nickname.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( October 23 rd to November 22 nd )

It would only naturally make sense that youre a vengeance demon. Oh, excuse me, EX-vengeance demon. The past is the past, and youre trying to be a better person now. The whole sweet retaliation thing was fun while it lasted though Sigh. Anyways, as a Scorpio, “youre feeling” things very deeply, especially now that youre human. You dont like to beat around the bush when you express yourself. You tell it like it is. Its part of your charm! Yea, maybe sometimes your words sting a little but why the heck is everyone so sensitive all the damn day! Cant they ever take some BRUTAL franknes ?? And everyone love having an impromptu dialogue about their sexuality life, right? What do you entail small children baptism isnt the time or place for this? Despite all your demonic tendencies, and the frequent bouts of jealousy, you are a true friend and a loyal partner. Not to mention a very passionate fan( wink ). Furthermore, you understand the order of the universe. Likely because youre a pretty old spirit yourself. Around 1,120 to be exact!

Your Buffy quote: ” I like you. You’re funny, and you’re nicely shaped. And candidly, it’s ludicrous to have these interlocking bodies and not … interlock. Please remove your garment now .”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( June 22 nd to July 22 nd )

Oooh, what a moody vampire you are! Angel is a tortured hero figure, a vampire cursed to stroll the earth with a spirit and lots of time to think about all the fucked up shit hes done. And just like him, you Cancers brood like 90% of the time. Since you are guided by feeling a lot, you have a hard time blending in. So thats good news perhaps people arent simply look at this place you because youre lurking in that shadowy corner over there! But despite being all temperamental and pessimistic, you are BIG on family and friends. The whole allegiance thing? Youve got it down. Youd certainly take a 100 -year trip to hell and back for the person or persons you love. Youre also a little bit of a cultured art snob. Your home is decked out with interesting decor. Whats the deal with that Buddha statue in a glass instance, you ask? Oh just something I picked up on my travels. That 200 -year old Japanese room divider in the corner of the room? Stop asking me so many questions, Im trying to sulk in my tank top over here!

Your Buffy quote: ” It’s not the demon in me that it was necessary to killing, Buffy. It’s “the mens” .”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( July 23 rd to August 22 nd )

Bloody hell, youre Spike. The champ vamp. The head honcho. Funny how you’re a sunlight sign, since that’s kinda your worst foe. Well, that and a chunk of sharp timber. Leos LIVE in the spotlight. You practically feed off of it. If the spotlight was a helpless human, well, you get what I mean. You need constant attention too so you sure as hell are going to predominate any room you occupy. Its not your fault that people only gravitate to you. Even pesky Slayers. A natural born” king of the jungle”, you help unite all sorts of creatures together and result them towards a shared cause. Demons and humen alike! But let’s stop talking about you for a second and start talking about you . For a vampire, you’re oddly loyal. The whole” big bad” thing is just a smokescreen. You love your friends. Cherish them, even. And if you go around telling anyone I said that, I will end you. Furthermore, you preserve a great sense of humor even when your lifes spiraling out of control, like that time your girlfriend left you for a sodding Fungus Demon. I mean, for Christs sake, how could anyone leave YOU ?! Youre practically a god. Weaknesses? Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, blah, blah, blah. Whatever, mate, at least youre not some sniveling nancy-boy like that loser Angel.

Your Buffy quote: ” That’s right! Big bad’s back, and lookin’ for a little death.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( May 22 nd to June 21 st )

Hey, look at you, the other kickass slayer. But youre the fun one. Highly curious with the world, Geminis are always on the move, always restless. You are game for anything and you sure as hell can survive anywhere. For one thing, parties are where Geminis thrive. Like, any party truly. Some may even say you’re the life of the party. That’s because you crack the best gags and have the best moves. And don’t even get me started on what it’s like being with you for a night. Strap yourself in for a wild ride, compadre. You’re also a strong advocate of variety being the spice of life or whatever. You gotta change things up a bit because repetition is, like, death. I know The Bronze is fun and all, but who wants to do that every weekend. I entail, damn, is that the only bar in town, or something? You detest being confined by your surrounds or worse, an vexing group of close-knit friends who think theyre above you. And yea, theres the whole two-faced thing. Sometimes you want to be a do-gooder and kick some vampire butt and sometimes you just want to walk on the wild side. Its not that youre straight-up evil, because thats not how it is, B. The wise know that there is no good or evil. Just me and this murderer body. Either style, youre five-by-five.

Your Buffy quote: ” We’re Slayers, girlfriend. The Chosen two. Why should we let him take all the fun out of it ?”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( December 22 nd to January 20 th )

Ok, so you got Riley. Hear me out though! Sure, youre not a cool broody vampire-type, but heck, youre the complete package! Responsible, disciplined, and independent. If you werent a soldier in a top secret division of the military, opposing and capturing demons, you would be an superstar manager at Best Buy! Or anywhere else for that reason. You have a propensity for being a team leader. And you excel at everything because you are# 1! Like, for instance, you construct the best companion and partner ever . If there were a relationship competition, you would win. Not saying that a relationship is a competition but you would WIN! However, this whole super smart and overachieving thing can often trigger a few eye-rolls from those around you. Some people think youre ultra condescending. Total nonsense! Besides, why conceal how great you are at everything? Youre proud of how far youve come! These so-called people should be more concerned with how their life is wasted on not being proud. Another pesky fault is finding it hard to accept another type of lifestyles that are different from your own. Like, maybe someones ex-boyfriend only hangs out at night, drinkings blood on the reg, is a demon, etc. I dont want to judge or anything, but come up! Who does that?

Your Buffy quote: ” Don’t make fun. I worked long and hard to get this pompous.

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( February 19 th to March 20 th )

Hey are you in band ?? If not, you totally should be! Youre so Oz. You are the magnificently soulful and talented Willows-boyfriend-guy. Oh, and youre also a werewolf underneath a full moon( or when youre drunk, am I right LOL ). Those of the Pisces persuasion are wise beyond their years. Maybe thats why youre so quiet and stoic when the gangs all blabby. Youre too busy observing the world around you to bother with all that. Youre friendly and incredibly tolerant( the most tolerant sign of the zodiac actually) and because of this you are often friends with a variety of different people, even Devon, whos a total piece of shit by the way. Youre able to see past the obvious and directly into someones spirit which helps in gaining the best a link with people. You are always willing to give, without expecting anything in return. That being said, it can give you somewhat of a Christ complex. You become a martyr real quick! And you dislike cruelty of any kind. Especially when everyone is picking on Giles for being all old and uncool. I entail, youve considered his record collecting. Legit. Youre also super spiritual. I guess thats why your trip to India was so successful! Well, kind of. And despite the whole unfaithful werewolf thing, youre a true hopeless romantic. The minute Oz insured Willow, he knew. And that warms our cold, black, vampire hearts.

Your Buffy quote : Well, to the casual observer, it would appear that you’re trying to make your friend Xander jealous, or even the score, or something. And…that’s on the empty side. Find, in my fiction, when I’m kissing you, you’re kissing me. It’s okay, I can wait .”

Daniella Urdinlaiz

( March 21 st to April 19 th )

OMG, Youre Buffy! My hero! Aries is the Greek god of war so this attains so much sense. A flame sign to the core, you are strong-willed and the ultimate risk-taker. I mean, youve risked their own lives on, like, numerous occasions. You’ve even died a few periods! You have high expectations of yourself. And while you are ber passionate about everything, youre often known to be a tad impatient.( Can we hurry this thing up ?) Some say that you’re hard to predict because of your spontaneous nature. Frankly, you like to play things by ear and fly from the seat of your pants. Recollect when you randomly had a twisted sex-capade with the very vampire who repeatedly tried to kill you? No one could have predicted that , huh? There was more than one, you say? Well, um, who’s be tracked anyways! Moving on … You are totally honest and direct with people. It may violate their hearts sometimes to hear the truth, but you don’t have time to bullshit. Sometimes sex is just sex. Wait, how did we end up talking about this again? You excel when it is necessary to any form of physical activity and coordination. If you were a Spice Girl, youd probably be Sporty Spice. Or Scary Spice. Who was the one in charge? And although you are aggressive, you get the work done and thats all that matters. While YOUR Mr. Pointy may be your ambition( and not a wooden spike ), you use that to fight the evils of everyday life. Anyone else feeling up to a quick visit to the graveyard to kick some demon ass?

Your Buffy quote : Alright, yes,[ I want to] date and shop and hang out and go to school and save the world from unspeakable demons. You know, I want to do girlie stuff.

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