What Colour Are These Clothes? Latest Optical Illusion Baffles The Internet

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Do you remember the dress? Endless debates raged on in offices across the world about whether it was blue and black( which it was) or white and gold.

Well now the colour dilemma is back. This time in the form of Nike shorts, shoes, and a top. No peeking below, what colouring do you see here?

Despite the fact that they are greyand blue( at least to me !), people all over the Internet say they seeall sorts of other coloring combinations. Some people insure the colorings as blue and pink, others say they assure pink and white.

Some bizarrepeople even say they can see both.

One person hasthrown a massive spanner into the works by introducing the colormint green.

Dropping this photo into the color select tool on Photoshop indicates the logo is onthe blue spectrum.

If you select the materialaround the logo, the colouring picker tool presents it as grey, albeit with clues of a reddish hue. Both colourings are on the border between white-blue and red-grey, so perhaps that plays a role.

So why the difference in our perception of it?

First up, it’s not your screens. Several people canstare at the same screen and still insure different colors.

With the dress and the Nike trainers, it’s likely an example of a phenomenon known ascolor constancy.This ability ensures that theperceived color of an objectremains constant, despite changes in the illumination conditions.

That entails the context, or surroundings, in which an object appears influences our perception of it.In this instance, there islittle togive us context, so our brain builds our own interpreting about what kind of sun is falling on the clothes.

Check out this video for more information on how the optical illusion works.

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