Trumpmerica Strikes Again! Waitress Receives Racist Note From Couple Who Claim They ‘Don’t Tip Black People’

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This kind of behavior is inexcusable!

Over the weekend, an African-American waitress at Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe in Virginia experienced an nasty and unacceptable encounter with racism.

Sadly, the gross incident follows an increase in detest crimes and racism following Donald Trump ‘s win in November.

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According to veteran server Kelly Carter , she happily catered to a couple enjoying the restaurant’s Saturday brunch menu. The pair seemed happy during the duration of their dinner and Carter noted no problems while serving them.

It’s only when the waitress looked at the $30.52 bill that she realized she had been a victim of racism.

As you can see( below ), the racist couple left no tip and defended themselves by writing that they “don’t tip black people”. The gross pair even went as far to commend Kelly for her “great service”, which is especially cruel considering.

Take a look at the offensive receipt( below ):

In a comment to NBC Washington , Ms. Carter carried her shock, explaining 😛 TAGEND

“I looked at the receipt three times.”

So awful.

Video: Fox News Airs Shockingly Racist Chinatown Segment ! Following the upsetting news, Anita’s chairperson Thomas Tellez disclosed his outrage over the incident, telling the outlet 😛 TAGEND

“It’s disheartening; I’m outraged. I was appalled, though it’s various kinds of in line with the political landscape, unfortunately.”

Despite Kelly’s hurt and pain over the incident, she’s not going to let the unfortunate situation get her down. In fact, the server claims she’d wait on the couple if they visit the establishment again.

Carter explained 😛 TAGEND

“I maintain my head up. I have to keep moving. One hateful statement can not stop me. My limbs are still opened to him. That’s him , not me.”

Wow, what a class act! We’re truly humbled by Kelly’s sense of compassion and dignity.

P.S. You can watch Kelly’s full interview on the situation( below ):

So, would YOU serve the couple again if you were in Kelly’s shoes?

[ Image via NBC .]

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