This Simple Hack Will Naturally Make You More Productive In The Morning

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Heres a question 😀 o you hate cliffhangers or love them?

I abhor them.

Its like that moment when you were little and someone( your mom, teacher, whoever) was reading you a story.

Just when it got to the good part, he or she slammed the book closed and said, Youll have to wait until tomorrow to hear the rest.


Or you watch a Tv episode, and just as the indicate comes to an end, a new plot development starts.( Thanks a lot, screenwriters .)

Well today, were going to use cliffhangers to our advantage.

Im going to share a technique to get yourself productive at the beginning of the day.

Youre going to love it.

How the page-turner technique runs:

If youre like me, you probably find it easy to keep working once youve gotten into the groove of things.

But when its early in the morning and you havent touched your work in a while, you probably dont feel like working.

In fact, there are three things more tempting to you than putting your head down and running 😛 TAGEND Checking your email: Thats quasi-work, so it countings right? Watching a viral video or something to keep you entertained until you really feel like running. Chatting with your neighbor. What better route to start the day than to socialize?

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