These Friends Were A 90 s Bridal Party For Halloween, And It Was Amazing( Photos)

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We’ve all considered our shares of creative costumes for Halloween.

ButClaire Condon, Kerry Wanner, Molly Wallach, Bridget Hogan andClaire Miller may have just taken the win for group garbs.

Instead of being something basic like a crew of superheroes or Disney Princesses, these St.Mary’s College students decided to celebrate the spooky occasion by dressing up as an epic 90 s bridal party.

From the old-school garments and butterfly clips to the ugly vintage shoes, it’s not hard to see these BFFs nailed every last detail of their 90 s-inspired ensembles.

Take a look at the pictures below to assure their hilarious Halloween costumes.

These college students merely took Halloweento the next levelwith their awesome 90 s bridal party costumes.

The friends kicked off the night by throwing on their robes and prepping themselves withwhat looks like the ultimate bridal pampering…

…while also pre-gaming for the big event with some bubbly served in monogrammed glass, of course!

Bridget Hogan was the mastermind behind this costume idea and called dibs on being the bride.

She played therole perfectly in her outdated wedding gown.

The other women served as the bridal party and wore a variety of purple outfits that truly captured the essence of nasty 90 s-era fashion.

Seriously, even their shoes were on point.

Claire Condon told BuzzFeed, We had a flower girl, the best-friend-from-growing-up bridesmaid, the friend-from-college bridesmaid and the cousin-who-is-obliged-to-be-in-the-wedding bridesmaid.’”

Once they were alldressed in their 90 s bests, the friends headed to a nearby chapel…

…where they exchanged BFF vows and snapped all sorts of hilarious bridal party pics.

No wedding would be complete without a post-ceremony gala, so afterward, they headed to the bar to show off their creative costumes.

I think it’s safe to say this badass bridal partygives us all some serious Halloween #SquadGoals.

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