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Is playing golf a sport you truly love to do? A lot of people enjoy the leisure and exercise that the sport, golf offers. People spend numerous amounts of dollars on getting exclusive memberships to golf clubs and spend hours in selecting golf equipment. But only a few pay much attention to the kind of golf shoes they purchase.

You have to consider the fact that the golf shoes you wear may affect the golf game you play and may affect your success as a golfer. You walk several miles and spend an average of three to five hours on your feet when you play golf. It is a sound decision to invest in a good pair of golf shoes not only to improve how you play the game but also to help reduce handicap problems.

There are several guidelines you could follow when you intend to purchase a pair of golf shoes. It is of utmost importance that you wear the same socks you intend to use in playing golf when purchasing the golf shoes. Ensure that the socks are not too tight. You should provide an allowance, about half an inch from your toe to the edge of the shoes to give room for your toes to move. The shoes should be bendable when you tiptoe.

You obtain most of the support when you swing from the middle portion of the shoe. It is essential that it is tight in this area compared to how you would feel when trying on ordinary shoes. You don’t have to worry about the tightness though, since your shoes will stretch after having been used several times.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with the fit. If your golf shoes are too loose, your feet would tend to slide when you swing making you lose your stability. But a solution for a loose golf shoe would be insoles to make it a bit tighter.

In selecting a shoe size, choose the size for your bigger foot. It is a fact that your feet are not exactly of the same size and that one would be slightly bigger than the other. You could always put an insole on the other shoe that is a little loose.

Avoid purchasing golf shoes that are made of synthetic material for they won’t allow your feet to breathe making them smell. Leather would be a good choice since it easily adjusts to your feet giving more support. If you could afford the expensive water proof kinds it would also be a good choice especially when you play in muddy areas.

I hope that with these guidelines you will be able to purchase the perfect pair of golf shoes for you.

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