The limited-edition Halo 5 define is $60 off right now

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Gamers can get the Halo 5: Guardians limited-edition defined for 61 percent off today on Amazon.

The collectors edition normally expenses $100, but you can save a whopping $60 right now and get it for $39.48, while renders last.


The limited-edition situate is locked and loaded with tons of great bonuses, including all 14 warzone REQ packs so you can immediately access weapons and special gear in multiplayer mode. It also comes with a Metal Earth Guardian model, Spartan Lockes classified orders, squad dossiers, and a custom-designed Spartan SteelBook to contain it all. You also get The Fall of Reach, the animated Halo series.

In addition, the deal comes with a free 14 -day trial for Xbox Live Gold. Overall, its a great deal for any Halo superfans who have been waiting for the price to drop to grab the bonus features.

Buy it here.


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