The Expense Of Applause: 15+ Pics To Celebrate Ballet Day

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There’s a good reason why Titanic’s Rose couldn’t stay on her toes longer than she did. It’s damn hard! Those pink silk shoes hide black fingernails, swollen meanders, and deformed toes. It takes much more than 8 wiki steps to become a swan.

Today is Ballet Day, so Bored Panda compiled a listing featuring ballet dancers to admire their strength and grace.

While there is no record of the inaugural Ballet Day festivity, there are two explains why it’s celebrated on February 7. Ballet was introduced to the United States on February 7, 1827 at the Bowery Theatre. Also, February 7, 1668 was the day when the Dutch Prince William III danced in the premiere of the Ballet of Peace.

Are you a ballet dancer yourself? Share your experience in specific comments, or upload your pics to the listing!

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