The Chill Zone: 10 Styles To Build Your Dorm Room The Hang Out Spot

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The dynamics of college social life change from year-to-year. Friends and acquaintances move in and out of your life, and sometimes it seems impossible to keep any kind of consistency in your social circles. The solution? Create a place so totally awesome to hang out that all of your friends is likely to be falling over themselves to come see you. We picked out 10 items that will situated you on your way.

1. A solid shoe organizer

Okay, when people suppose wild, crazy, and fun in college they dont typically instantly think of shoe organizers, right? But heres the deal, if you are going to have people hanging out in your room, it MUST be clean, and like, thats a billion times easier with these handy organizers. You save so much space in your tiny dormitory room, and keep a nice clean seem with these dope shoe organizers/ holders. This is a must-have for anyone with more than three pairs of shoes.

2. A+ seat alternatives

These moon chairs are perfect because they are comfy enough for people to want to hang out in your room, but they arent so expensive that youll be afraid of them violating. If you buy the right one too, they are pretty darn close to indestructible!

3. Baskets for storing…things .

Baskets, particularly wicker ones, are a very classy route to store things like socks, underwear, knick-knacks, or heaps of graded essays( because for some ungodly reason, your professor still attains you print things out !)

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