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The former golfer runs for a short boxed beard with peak Kisstory vibes

In retirement, what are the first things to let go of? Definitely, the 6.30 am alarm bellow. Probably, those sad pair of brown dress shoes. And quite possibly, your whisker-free face. Years of being chained to the bathroom sink, bottle of grey sky coloured goo in one hand and blunt razor in the other, could be a remote memory.

The retirement beard is quite a thing. Infamously, David Letterman ran full-on Paleolithic man when he bid farewell to The Late Show, lately reflecting( with a soupcon of existential angst ): I just got tired of shaving every day. But then it became something else, and Im not sure what it became.

It seems odd then that Tiger Woods has opted for a retirement beard thats not only styled, its styled. Perhaps it was too much to expect the highly controlled hand of a professional sportsperson to let it all hang out, beard-wise. But we did not foresee the grooming decision that Woods has made.

Wood is not settling into old age; he has applied the facial equivalent of Botox to himself with a looking that presumably would not flies with the sponsors of the Ryder Cup. Essentially, “hes having” co-opted a appear constructed famous by two of pop music favourite sons: AJ McClean from the Backstreet Boys and Craig David. With its finely manicured sides and trimmed upper lip, Woods skinny short boxed beard is peak Kisstory.

Bang on tendency in some way( hey, who doesnt love love love the 90 s ?) and a little bit funky daddy at the school disco.

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