Steph Curry Helps Donate Thousands Of Shoes To Kids In The Motherland

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The annual Vanity Fair Oscars party is perennially a destination for the -Alisters of Hollywood in any given year, and 2005 was no exception.

Tom Cruise entered the venue the since-closed eatery Mortons through a back entrance after riding over on his black Ducati motorcycle. Beyonc and Jay Z hung out at a back table with Usher, Gwen Stefani and Mary J. Blige. Tom Brady apparently was the only one wearing a white tie at the party, but GQ remarked he wasproportioned like the Oscar statuette. Jake Gyllenhaal( with a shaved head presumably for Jarhead) induced conversation near a wall as his sister, Maggie, posed for a photograph a few cases feet away.

Everybody you can read about in every single rumor rag is in there! Destiny Childs Kelly Rowland told Peopleoutside the party. And perhaps surprisingly, many of these gossip rag stars from Vanity Fairs party in 2005 are just as relevant now, if not more so.

, who attended the party with his new wife, Melania. Devoted their recent wedding and the early success of The Apprentice, Trumps incredible reputation at this time was arguably at its most innocent. In 2005, he had graduated from being little-more than a blowhard personality in the New York City real estate scene and had not yet developed into a voice for the political far right.

But dedicated multiple accounts of Trumps behavior at the party, his now infamously known traits in the genre of self-aggrandizement were still apparently on full showing. And of course, Trumps comically gaudy love for gold played a part in this story.


At the ceremony before the Vanity Fair party that year, Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston won the Documentary( Short Subject) Oscar for their movie, Mighty Hour: The Childrens March. Natalie Portman presented the award to the then romantic and business partners.

DTAG 25 TTSPTAG 5 TTIMG 3 TT DTAG 26 TTRTAG 24 TT for a regular dose of pop culture nostalgia .

NBA superstar Steph Curry lately partnered with friend and Kickn It for a Causefounder Chris COSeezy Strachan to assistance assemble more than 20,000 sneakers for kids in the motherland.

On Wednesday, Curry spoke at Strachans alma mater Liberty University. The school hosted a shoe drive with the lifestyle brand to prevent children in the Republic of Congo from get cancers that can be transferred through bare feet.

During the visit, Curry also spoke to the universitys basketball team about his athletic trajectory and stimulating the most of the opportunities presented to them.

Before all this NBA hoopla, from my journey coming from a small school like Davidson, I had the same various kinds of appear that you all have in your eyes right now, Curry told the players.

Just hyped to play and ready to go. Its an amazing opportunity to do it and do it together, he said. Because every single one of you has a role and a part of your success…Have fun doing what youre doing, and just enjoy it.

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