Some Guy Named Nate Made A Very Bizarre Website To Convince You To Date Him

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The internet is an unpredictable yet magical place. Sometimes, you stumble upon ads for shoes you looked at for five seconds on your Instagram feed. Sometimes, you stumble upon heated political debates on your Twitter timeline. And sometimes, if you’re luck, you stumble upon dating profiles like “Should You Date Nate” that construct you wonder if you have officially discovered the world’s biggest troll.

I frankly can’t tell if this guy is joking or if he thinks this unnecessarily extensive website is going to land him his dreaming girl.( Elite Daily has reached out to Nate for comment but did not hear back at the time of publishing .) So until we figure out what’s actually going on here, let’s dive a little deeper.

Nate Rifkin of is a 31 -year-old spiritual, 6’4”, self-proclaimed “passionate businessman” from Denver, Colorado. His website offer hundreds of thousands of words that detail everything you need to know about him, from his extreme dislike for partying, pop culture, and basic leisurely activities, to the fact that he is an insufferable workaholic who spends all of his time promoting some weird nutritional supplement, to the fact that he once “made so much fund so fast that it literally scared” him. In fact, he’s really open about the fact that you are probably wrong for him. And yet, he’s making this dating profile anyway? I have no notion, guys.

Here’s a three-minute video of Nate introducing himself like he is a pop starring about to head out for a meet and greet to promote his latest album. He also says “this is fun” in such a way that builds him sound like the least fun human being ever.

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