Pikachu shoes are just what you need to electrify a room

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HETAG 1 TT RTAG 2 TTWhen it comes to fan-favorite characters, Chewbacca is one of the fan-favoritest. The strolling carpet has been in every Star Wars , when shooting RTAG 4 TTIMG 1 TT Lucasfilm because his C-3PO costume hurt him literally any time he moved? The mask also gave him tunnel vision, which entailed he wasn't always sure exactly where he needed to go. Once, on Return Of The Jedi RTAG 8 TTIMG 2 TT Lucasfilm that the costume was accidentally exposing, and that the actor playing Boba Fett could see "all the way to Florida"( which is impressive, since Star Wars HETAG 5 TT RTAG 11 TTThis may come as a surprise to you, but sometimes making movies is hard. If the three leadings in Star Wars RTAG 12 TT RTAG 15 TTFinally, according to Fisher, Hamill wanted to make his drowning looking so realistic that he ended up exploding a blood vessel in his eye, delaying filming on his cockpit scenes. So let this be a lesson: Don't shoot your movie in a giant lagoon of garbage and stagnant water. Or heck, shoot the whole movie there, and marketplace that shit as Trash Compactor: A Star Wars Story DTAG 33 TT , but it turns out that even the droids fuckin' bananas with R5-D4, the droid which is originally chosen to go with Luke and C-3PO. You know, this skeevy bastard :P TAGEND RTAG 18 TTIMG 3 TT Lucasfilm RTAG 19 TTThe droid was rigged to explode, but they realise on situated that filling its head with explosives meant there was no space for the mechanisms that constructed it move. Since the Screen Actors Guild might have balked at putting little people or child actors in there with the explosives, they ended up simply pulling R5-D4's backup droid on a rope. They had similar problems when they came back to Tatooine in Return Of The Jedi and R2-D2 would go wherever he wanted , no doubt rebelling against director Richard Marquand because he wasn't his real HETAG 7 TT RTAG 20 TTBecause alien planets apparently merely ever have one type of weather, and that's always cheaper than paying for a fake one. Regrettably, the trains were blocked due to no fewer than three HETAG 8 TT RTAG 23 TTGeorge Lucas may have made a bunch of universally beloved movies, but he's not exactly known for being a warm, open guy. And that's coming from his friends RTAG 24 TTIMG 4 TT Lucasfilm RTAG 27 TTThe stress wasn't even confined to the first Star Wars . nearly derailed The Empire Strikes Back . Here he is finding Lucas' tears delicious :P TAGEND RTAG 28 TTIMG 5 TT Lucasfilm RTAG 29 TT Are you a fancy Hollywood agent? Nimby Smith can be reached at Nimby( dot) Writer( at) Gmail( dot) Com . RTAG 30 TTBTAG 1 TT ? RTAG 31 TTBTAG 2 TT for exclusive content, an ad-free experience, and more . RTAG 32 TTBTAG 3 TT Behind The Tutus, Ballet Is A Boys' Club. This Ballerina Wants To Fix That.
December 11, 2017
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