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The Network Monitor tool has been available in Firefox since the earliest days of Firefox Dev Tools. Itas an invaluable tool for anyone who cares about page load performance and fast modern web pages. This tool went through extensive refactoring lately( under the project codename Netmonitor.html ), and this post is intended as an explanation of how we designed the new architecture and what cool new technologies we used.

See the Network Monitor running inside the Firefox Developer Toolbox 😛 TAGEND


One of the main goals of the refactoring was to rebuild the entire tool on top of standard web technologies. We removed all Firefox-specific legacy code like XUL( XML User Interface Language) but also the code that used Firefox-specific APIs. This is a great step forward since employing web standards now allows you to run the entire toolas code base in two different environments 😛 TAGEND The Developer Toolbox Any web page localhost :8 000 React localhost :8 000 The root component representative of NetMonitorApp can be rendered within Developer Toolbox or a web page. Actions are responsible for things like filtering, clearing the list of petitions, sorting and opening a side panel with more detail. All of our data are stored within a store object. Including all the collected data about HTTP traffic. Number of requests in the listing Size/ transferred sizing of all requests Total time needed to load all requests Time when DomContentLoaded event resulted event passed Time when load event resulted larger-than: 50 Ricky Chien Fred Lin

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