My Boyfriend Is Examining Abroad And These Texts Are How I Get Off When He’s Away

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For the last month my boyfriend has been away, analyzing abroad in Europe. We both decided to stay together, even if they are knew it would be really difficult. Both of us have “touch” as our love speech, and we have extremely high sex appetites. While he was here at home we likely had sex at the least four times a week, and oral whenever we were in a rush.

Being away from him has been so difficult. But we both truly wanted to stay faithful and monogamous with one another. Luckily, he got an international texting scheme, which has at least partially solved our sex appetite problem.Hopefully other couples find this useful too. Messages have been edited for grammar and lucidity 😛 TAGEND

Tuesday, March 29 th

Me( 10:24 ):

Oh baby, I miss you so freaking much.

Him( 10:24 ):

I miss you too, baby.

Me( 10:25 ):

What do you miss about me?

Him( 10:26 ):

Everything. Your voice, your hair, your baby blue eyes.

I miss your arms enveloping me. I miss your hands running through my hair, reminding me how luck I am.

Me( 10:26 ):

Anything else

Him( 10:27 ):

I miss your gigantic titspressing up against me when we hug goodbye.

Me( 10:27 ):

Oh baby, I miss our hugs too. Especially when your stone hard cock presses into my stomach.

Him( 10:28 ):

I miss taking off your bra and revealing your overflowing tits, ripe for me to enjoy. I love operating my tongue along the perimeter of them, slowly licking up the totality of your mounds.

Me( 10:30 ):

Oh baby, I fucking love when you do that. I miss pulling down your gasps to disclose your gigantic cock straining against the confines of your underwear. I love watching your massive manhood spring straight up, as if saluting me, when I eventually peel off your briefs.

Him( 10:33 ):

God Kelly, I miss you going down on me. My cock literally grows nine sizings when inside your perfect mouth. With every lick, my dick get unbearably harder. You know simply the right spots to caress with your tongue before taking my entire 8 inches down your throat. You induce me moan so fucking loud newborn, as you bob your head up and down, loudly sucking on my stick. I grab your hair and scream that I am cumming, and you take every last drop of my seed down your throat.

Me( 10:37 ):

God, I miss you baby.

Wednesday, April 16 th

Him( 12:01 ):

Baby, I am so fucking horny today.

Me( 12:02 ):

Orly ??? xoxoxoxox

Him( 12:02 ):

I was in class and started thinking about the night after my birthday.

Me( 12:03 ):

Oh yeah ?????

Him( 12:04 ):

I couldn’t stop thinking about how we came back from the bars, and we were both just a little tipsy. We basically sprinted in my bedroom, and I hurled off my shoes and coat. We both jumped into the bed, and our lips connected. You ran your hands through my hair as we made out, deeper and deeper. My tongue pushed its route into your mouth, as your hands began to unbutton my shirt.

Me( 12:09 ):

Oh baby, that was so hot. Then I pulled off your shirt and ran my hands down your chest and over your chiseled abs. You forced open my top as your kiss slowly descended down my neck and you rolled me onto my back. I gasped as your hands pushed into my bra and grabbed my soft breasts.

Him( 12:12 ):

Then your hands venture past my abs, baby, and you grab my hard, throbbing protrusion. I was about ready to cum right there, soaking my pants with threads of sticky cum. I push you onto the bed and discard the rest of your top and your bra as I give your boobsthe full attention they deserve.

Baby, you moaned so loud when I licked your teats. Then you took control again! You pushed me down and got on top of me. You pulled me belt out of my gasps in one easy motion, and pulled my pants down to my legs. You operated your sweet mouth along the insatiable protrusion in my pants, and I couldn’t take it much more.

” Take it ,” I gasped, my entire body moaning with desire.

And you finally pulled down my briefs, exposing a cock that was so fucking hard and large I could hardly believe it was mine.

Me( 12:20 ):

I teased you baby, I took little licks and nibbles along the outside, lapping up your balls as you moaned in anticipation.

” I need your mouth ,” You moaned, pulling my long brown hair.

I ultimately took your throbbing manhood, and went down on you, relishing every delicious savour of your gigantic dick.

Him( 12:24 ):

Then I returned the favor. I kicked off my pants and underwear and pulled down yours, revealing your perfect, perfect slit. My tongue danced around your beautiful opening, digging itself deeper and deeper inside you. You were moaning so loud, I’m sure all my roommates could hear, but I didn’t fucking care. I needed you.

Me( 12:26 ):

You slid a thumb into my opening, but I required more. Oh I fucking needed so so much more.

” I need you ,” I gasped pushing my hand into your chest.” Please, please, newborn, I need your cock .”

You gave me a passionate kiss as you positioned your manhood to penetrate me. You entered me, slowly at first too slow. I wanted more. I required more.

“Harder,” I moaned,” Fuck me harder baby .”

Your huge dick filled every crevice of my canal.

“More,” I moan, and you wrap my legs around you so that you can bring me closer, sending your dick deeper inside me.

“Faster,” I call as I grab onto your arms and your cock pulsates inside me, stretching my body to its limits. Our eyes interlock, and I realize how much I fucking love you. You are gasping for every breath, trying to satisfy my insatiable need for you.

Him( 12:35 ):

Our bodies began to tense. I wanted to hold out longer for you baby, I wanted to make the moment last, but my fucking cock had been crying for you all evening.

” I’m about to cum baby ,” You moaned as your fingernails dug into my arms. I felt my cock stiffen further, harder beyond imagination, and I yelled your name into the night as my sweet seed filled your beautiful pussy.

Me( 12:38 ):

Our sweet juices intermixed as I felt thread after thread of your salty cum fill up my canal. When your loading was finally empty you pulled out of me, and collapsed onto me, totally and utterly spent.

Him( 12:39 ):

omg baby, i just came rn. That was so so fucking hot.

Me( 12:40 ):

I miss your body so so so much.

Saturday, April 23 rd

Me ( 8: 13 ):

hi baby, did you like the photo I snapchatted you earlier ??

Him ( 8: 13 ):

Omg baby it was so fucking hot. Why do you have to taunt me like this?

Me ( 8: 14 ):

I saw you screenshoted it!

Him ( 8: 14 ):

I had to save something for tonight, since I can’t have the real thing

Me ( 8: 15 ):

Mhhhmhmmare you touching yourself right now?

Him ( 8: 15 ):

Yeah I’m back in my room baby, and my cock is poking out of my underwear. It get rock hard when I looked at the pic again.

Me ( 8: 16 ):

What are you doing now ??

Him ( 8: 16 ):

I am stroking my hard cock up and down, looking at my pictures of you. God baby, talk dirty to me.

Me ( 8: 17 ):

Oh Kevin, I wish I could see you move your hand up and down your flawless cock. I wish I could pull off your shirt and run my tongue over your perfect teats, sucking on every sweaty pore of your fucking hot body. I wish our fucking tongues could wrestle for superiority in our mouthes, as I slowly jerked you off from the front. I love winning our tongue wrestling matches by making you cum from a slow handjob.

Him ( 8: 19 ):

Is this construct you horny newborn? What are you doing now?

Me ( 8: 19 ):

I already took my gasps off. I’ll send you a pic. Now I’m running my hands over my firm breasts, about to slip-up my hand into my panties.

Him ( 8: 19 ):

Oh baby you’re making me so horny. Tell me more.

Me ( 8: 20 ):

Send me a pic of you baby. I need to see you right now.

Him ( 8: 21 ):

I’ll send you one of my swollen cock, baby. It is so fucking hard, it needs you so fucking severely. It misses you so so much.

Me ( 8: 22 ):

Oh baby, I miss your dick so much. That pic got me so fucking horny. I am so wet. I am sliding a thumb into my clit, simply wishing it was you. My pussy aches for you baby.

Him ( 8: 23 ):

Omg baby I can’t stop. I am stroking my cock so fast now, lightning is pulsing through my body.

Me ( 8: 24 ):

I am squeezing my hard teats with my other hand, wishing it was soft bites from your teeth. I’mpushinganother finger into my womanhood, toying with my swollen pearl, gasping tiny moans into the air. I wish I could taste you on my mouth, your sweet tongue dancing on my lips.

Him ( 8: 25 ):

Oh baby, I just came…my sweet sticky sap all over my shirt. I’m just laying here thinking about your beautiful body, wishing we cold envelop one another in our naked bodies.

Me ( 8: 26 ):

I love you so much babe. Only 63 more days.

Him ( 8: 27 ):

Counting down every one …! Love you!

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