More is more: Inducing sense of America’s wealth obsession

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( CNN) It’s a Fourth of July party in 1993. An 18 -year-old girl, lost in thought, sits by an aquamarine swimming pool near Los Angeles. A pristine white surgical bandage is slapped across her face, from eyebrow to upper lip. Her name is Lindsey.

The Californian photojournalist Lauren Greenfield, who captured this scene, has been documenting the American dreaming in its all permutations for the last 25 years or so. With a workaholic’s preoccupation, she has become fascinated by wealth and reputation and by what she calls “the influence of affluence” — how people try to ape the route the rich live.

Her output has been prodigious: some 300 photo essays for publications and newspapers across the extremes of customer culture: “bling, celebrity and narcissism.”

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