Human Makes Degrading Remarks About Woman’s Breasts, Then Realises He’s Being Filmed

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It’s not just in Hollywood that people are finally starting to stand up to those who harass, abuse and assault for their own sexual gratification. People in all strolls of life are now putting their foot down and shutting down this kind of behavior where they see it.

This recently happened in Australia when a woman walking in her neighborhood received some unwanted attention from a stranger. An older man appeared on a bicycle and stopped where the woman was standing just so that he could catcall her. It all went down in an otherwise uneventful suburb in Kallangur, and the most incredible thing about the whole episode was that the dame knew it was coming. That’s why she very stealthily had her smartphone camera at the ready, unbeknownst to the man. This certainly wasn’t the first time “shes been” harassed by this man, and she’d finally “ve had enough”. The first half of the short clip shows the woman walking along the sidewalk minding her own business. The exchange begins when the man shamelessly makes inappropriate remarks about the woman’s breasts. “Nice set of boobs you’ve got, ” he says as though it is a perfectly ordinary commentary to build to a stranger. Immediately, the woman sets him straight in a bid to stop any further harassment by saying, “I just videoed you saying that.” However, perpetrators of sexual harassment are not exactly known for being reasonable, and so he persists with his inappropriate teasing. It becomes evident that he has assured and harassed this woman many times before as he recognizes her husband. “Your husband’s on the corner, isn’t he? ” he statements in a casual manner. At this phase, the woman who has thus far remained calm becomes increasingly exasperated when “the mens” proves no sign of relenting. “I only videoed you saying that d* ckhead, ” she asserts. When the man realise he has been rumbled, he apologizes in the most underwhelming route imaginable, muttering “oh, sorry” under his breath. The girl then tells the man, “I’m going to take[ the footage] to the police.” As soon as “the mens” hears this, he decides he had better be on his style and leaves without saying another term. “I was shaking. I’m not a soft person. I couldn’t even speak properly, ” she explained to the Daily Mail Australia . “You could tell in my voice I was really nervous. I was frightened.” “He was so stupid he didn’t realize I was videoing him, ” she continued. “It’s worse that he’s an older man, and you think he’d know better.” Soon after the incident, she and her husband realized that filming it and using it to spread further awareness about harassment was the best thing that they could do. So, that same day, the woman’s spouse uploaded the footage to the neighborhood watch Facebook page and urged other people who had suffered similar situations to get the police involved. Needless to say, sexual harassment doesn’t simply happen on the street. In fact, all too often it occurs in the workplace. The sad thing is that victims of workplace harassment tend to ignore it rather than’ make a fuss’ and danger alienating other coworkers. Fortunately, endeavors are being made to combat harassment in the workplace. Check this video out to learn more: Let this be a lesson to anyone out there who thinks that making sex advances to strangers is appropriate behaviour. It isn’t. If you feel like voicing such comments, try and fight the urge by putting yourself in the victim’s shoes. Would you want to be humiliated by a complete stranger simply for strolling down the road? No. So don’t do it to others.

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