Man Finds Drowned 5-Yr-Old& Goes to His Funeral in DisguiseWhen He Pulls Off His Mask

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He was standing with his head bowed right next to the little boy’s casket …

This year we’ve seen narrative after story about police officer behaving badly, but there are so many inspirational tales about these braves men and women who hazard their lives every day to serve and protect us that go unnoticed.

Take police officers like Damon Cole of the Fort Worth Police Department for example. His deep love for others, beyond the call of duty, is a powerful portrait of compassion in action.

 ( Photo: politenes of Damon Cole )  

According to, on April 2 Officer Cole was called to the scene of a backyard pond to find a missing 5-year-old named Joshua Garcia. The pond was unusable and full of garbage and black water. Officer Cole jumped in to try tolocate the son, but the dark water made it extremely difficult to see anything.

Eventually, Officer Cole detected Joshua’s lifeless body near the surface. Emergency crews performed CPR, but he never came back to life.

When little Joshua passed away, he was wearing a Spider-Man shirt and shoes. Joshua’s older brothers detected Officer Cole was a part of Cops and Kids, an organization that dresses up as superheroes to inspire children, so they made a simple petition: Would Officer Cole come to the funeral as Spider-Man to honor their little brother?

The answer from Officer Cole was a definite, yes.

  ( Photo: Philip Townsend/ WFAA)    

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