Lauren Scruggs Kennedy starts foundation to help fellow amputees regain confidence

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After former model and current manner blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy was sucked into an airplane propeller in 2011, losing her left limb and eye, physicians werent sure whether shed stroll or talk again. But over 5 years later, Kennedy has not only relearned those basic functions and gotten married to E! News host Jason Kennedy shes helping others like herself regain their confidence through a new foundation she co-founded.

The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy( LSK) Foundation is aiming to provide cosmetic coverings for prosthetics, which give the devices their natural-skin appearance, to women whose insurance doesnt encompas them.

Our goal is to provide the cosmetic encompas, but also to walk through the journey with the girl to stimulate her feel like she is not alone in it and is constantly promoted, Kennedy, 28, told Fox News.

When Kennedy had her arm amputated, she received three prosthetic limbs, all of which were covered by her insurance.

I thought that was normal because that was all I knew, she said.


But when Kennedy attended the Beautifully Flawed Retreat in 2013, she satisfied fellow amputees who were not as fortunate as her. She recalled meeting one girl who complimented her on her cosmetic encompas, remarking on how she disliked her own prosthetic arm, and another woman who was debating between saving for in vitro fertilization( IVF) or a new prosthetic arm.

The narratives struck her.

After going through a loss of a body portion, youre already going through so much emotionally, Kennedy explained. My prosthetic arm brought so much healing for me, and wholeness, and stimulated me feel like I could walk into the world without a lot of notice.

we need your help !! we cannot believe how many females have come to @thelskfoundation in need of a real appearing prosthetic arm or leg. we are so humbled that we can help be used to help extra healing and wholeness for these sweet ladies. _ there is narrative after tale of limb loss through accidents and illness, and we want to help a girl seem extra beautiful on her bridal day, and a woman feeling more confident in her self value after tragic loss! _ we are prepared to help two dames, but we need your gifts and funds to help even more! Any amount helps tremendously+ you will be able to follow the girl’s journeys on @thelskfoundation from beginning to end, so you can see how your fund is changing lives. Assure the donation link in my profile to give if “youre feeling” led! XO

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Kennedy began praying about the dilemma, and, in December 2016, the LSK Foundation was born. She co-founded the organization with fellow amputee Lisa Curlee, while Ashley Igo, also an amputee, serves as director.


Igo told Fox News in an email that ARTech Laboratory attains the coverings, which are comprised of silicone, and are painted and fitted to look just like their wearers natural skin.

The organization has not yet distributed a prosthetic cover-up but has funding to offer two. Now, theyre pushing for gifts as more applications pour in. Igo said encompass vary in price, but the organization foresees spending about $12,000 to make only one.

We would love to be able to serve all of the qualifying applicants we receive this year, Igo said.

For Kennedy, the foundation typifies the fresh perspective and more profound sense of compassion she gained after her near-death experience.

It has just made me more well informed peoples pain, she said. Before I would hear about a sad story or someone having a bad accident or something like that and I would think, Thats so sad, and quickly move forward. I guess[ my accident] has added more understanding to that and more depth to my life.

To learn more about the foundation and to donate, visit .

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