Kanye West Is Being Sued By Fans Over’ Life of Pablo’ Album

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If I had a pound for all the times I wanted to sue Kanye West for merely being a general noob, I’d probably have enough money to sue Kanye West right now .

With major offences including regularly referring to himself as God, calling the London riots inspiration for his attire line and demanding a disabled person create from their chair at his command, I suppose I’d have a pretty good case in tribunal. I’d give him a bit of leniency for creating’ College Dropout’, but that’s about it.

One fan has clearly been saving their pennies, because they’ve decided to take Yeezy on in court, over the release of his album’ Life of Pablo’. Back in Feb, Kanye declared on his Twitter that is album would only be available on the Illuminati’s Spotify Tidal 😛 TAGEND

But shortly after it was released on Jay Z’s streaming service, Kanye pulled it, saying he still needed to build some changes. Which is all well and good- he is an artist after all- but it’s not so dandy for the millions of fans who bought into the expensive service just to listen to the release.Then, simply a month later, Kanye released the album across Apple Music, Spotify and on his own website.

One fan, Justin Baker-Rhett, has decided to become the voice of the people and is sueing Kanye for loss of income on the subscription, due to Kanye’s claim that the album would be exclusive- a promise that many are saying was a gambit to get more subscribers on Tidal. Maybe Blue Ivy required a new pair of shoes…

Justin said that Kanye’s promise of exclusivity boosted Tidal’s value from $60 million to $ 84 million dollars and increased the subscriber based to over 3 million subscribers. His lawyer told The Telegraph 😛 TAGEND

“You can’t trick people into paying fund and giving up personal information simply because the company is struggling, ”

Kanye and Tidal are yet to answer on the case.

$60 million dollars … yeah, the struggle is well and truly real .

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