John Oliver tears into Wells Fargo over banking scandal

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After a few weeks off, the Last Week Tonight host returned to excoriate bank CEO John G Stumpf, and reserved some venom for Donald Trump

After a few weeks hiatus, John Oliver came back in fiery form, ripping into Wells Fargo in the wake of the companys banking scandal on his HBO series Last Week Tonight.

Wells Fargo: the only bank ever to be serenaded by an eight-year-old Ron Howard, said Oliver, before demonstrating a clip of Howard singing about Wells Fargo in the 1962 cinema The Music Man.

Just three weeks ago, Oliver continued, Wells Fargo was the most valuable bank in the world. But recently, its reputation has taken a massive reach after some alarming revelations.

Oliver recounted how Wells Fargo employees secretly opened unauthorized accounts to reach marketings targets and receive bonuses, affecting more than two million customers. He then quipped: Hidden fees are bad enough without being hidden inside concealed accounts with concealed pin numbers constructed with concealed email addresses because thats like a Russian nesting doll where the last doll is giving you the middle finger.

The bank recently announced it was ending the sales quotas at the core of this scandal. About 5,300 employees were fired for opening unauthorized accounts in order to meet their marketings quotas.

Despite this, Oliver didnt go easy on the embattled Wells Fargo CEO, John G Stumpf, taking his cue from the thorough lash he received from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who last week implored him to resign in front of the Senate banking committee.

Stumpf actually appeared in front of the Senate banking committee this week with a bandage on his hand, which I legally cant say is the result of carpal passageway from typing in so many fake email addresses. And he wanted to be clear: he didnt know anything about anything, said Oliver.

Oh, come along, added the host. If he was going to play that dumb, he should have depicted up with his shoes on his hands and a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt. Then it would have constructed sense.

Oliver dedicated much of the rest of the depict to build the case that Donald Trumps worst scandals trump those of opponent Hillary Clinton.

This campaign has been dominated by scandals, but it is dangerous to think that there is an equal number on both sides, he said. And you can be annoyed by some of Hillarys that is understandable but you should then be fucking outraged by Trumps.

Ethical fails in a politician are like raisins in a cookie, he explained. They shouldnt be there. They disgust people. But most legislators have at least a few raisins.

Hillary is a cookie like this one, he said, holding an oatmeal raisin cookie. She arguably has more raisins than average.

As for Trump? The man is a fucking raisin monsoon, yelled Oliver, as a torrent of raisins rained down on his desk.

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