If You Never Thought You’d Be Jealous Of Someone’s Garage, You Should Assure This

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If you would’ve said to me yesterday that I was about to get real nice and jealous of someone’s garage floor, this would’ve been my reaction:

And also this:

Because that’s a steaming pile of nonsense, right? Well, as usual, I’m wrong.

When handyman codeman8 69 took to his garage floor with some epoxy, he basically changed my entire worldview. Well , no he didn’t, but let’s just go with it. What he did do is build me reconsider the way I feel about how garages should look. I mean, why go for a concrete esthetic when you can give your garage floor a galactic vibe that’s so Tumblr it hurts?

Before starting, he assembled up two drill mixers, blue and clear epoxy, paintbrushes, squeegees, paint rollers, mixing sticks, two pails, snowflakes for detail work, and some non-skid aluminum oxide.

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The first thing he had to do was power wash the living hell out of the garage floor to give himself a clean canvas.

If your garage seems anything like mine, you know that this is a majestic sight.

Then he employed a grinder to get rid of a few uneven patches.

Once the floor was all cleaned up, he acid etched it.

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Basically, that entails he sprayed a layer of acid on the surface to prep it for epoxy.

After that, he served this epic Tyra Banks smize for the camera and rinsed the floor with water.

Next up was a little caulking action.

He then added blue painter’s tape around the perimeter of the garage.

He also rocked these sick spiked shoes so that he could walk around on the epoxy without leaving big ol’ footprints.

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He grabbed a drill mixer and got the ball rolling with some blue epoxy.

Using a squeegee and some paint rollers, he and his lovely assistant spread the epoxy in smaller patches so they could work with it before it set.

Once all of that was laid down, he hurled snowflakes at the ceiling and surrounding walls so that they were distributed evenly throughout the wet material.

Once the clear coat was added, he was left with this galactic realness.

Can I only cover my whole house with it?

To learn more about this project, be sure to check out codeman8 69 ‘s original post.

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