If You Do This, You Should Be Banned From Email

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As someone who runs my life through my inbox( as opposed to the phone ), Ive assured a lot of emails over the years. Most are perfectly great and decent. But over period, certain patterns of manipulation and exploitation have emerged with the rest.

Im talking about the person who sets a fake Re: in the subject line of an email to a total stranger to make it seem like this is the continuation of an old conversation. The crazy subject lines designed to make you click. The auto-scheduled just circling back to make sure you got this email. When I was a marketing director, I would insure salespeople purposely email the incorrect person inside the company, feigning they didnt know the right contact in order to trick that unsuspecting person into making an introduction to their intended target. Ive even insured people send unsolicited calendar invites to force you to deterioration and, thus, interact with them.

These are your horrendously sketchy email tactics, has the objective of trick and nudge the leadings that salesperson and marketers have pulled from some spreadsheet or mailing list. If Glengarry Glen Ross was written in 2013 instead of 1983, these are the kinds of things the characters would be doingand marriage think Oh my divinity do people genuinely do that?

Sadly they do. Worse, this pales in comparison to the newest and most egregious trend in attention-seeking email behavior. Something that I have no compunction in saying that if you do it, youre a monster who should be banned from email from life.

It goes like this:

A stranger emails you asking for something: Would you be interesting in[ insert product theyre selling? Will you appear on my podcast? Can you answer my question? Can I write a guest post for your blog? Can you read my manuscript?

Then, if you dont respond in a timely fashion( and the definition of timely varies widely ), they send a gif like this.

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