I Generate Garbs For My Children And Photograph Them In Magical Scenarios

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As a adolescent or even young adult I woudn’t dare to call myself “creative”. It all changed when I got my first DSLR. Then my son, Jacob, was bear. I discovered Pinterest, devoted birth to my second child- Barbara, learned to sew … All these episodes have made me who I am now.

I’ve been photographing my kids since they were born. I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos. But it was about a year ago when I started looking for something more unique. Being inspired by astonishing photographers from all over the world I was trying to find my own way to capture my children’s childhood. And I still am.

I create garbs by myself. Largely, every single piece of the outfit for a photo session is made by me( except for the shoes) I generally use the cheapest available fabric I can get. I also try to choose a place for the photo shoots near my home( usually within 20 km ).

A photo session lasts no longer than 10 to 15 minutes( when it comes to my daughter, aged 3, 5-6 minutes MUST be sufficient ). I never pose my kids. It is a story or a tale tell during the session that constructs them react naturally.

I am not a professional photographer. By profession I am a educator in a secondary school in Poland. Photography turned out to be my hobby, so as stitch. Both of them give me a huge amount of energy. My head is full of notions for next scenes. If only a day was longer…

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