How to overcome your attractiveness and suitcase that great task

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Have you ever failed to get a job you wanted? Research depicts its probably because youre too good-looking. Heres how to counteract that jealousy bias

New research shows that being an attractive human may actually count against you in scheduled interview. According to a study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, good-looking males are perceived to be more competent than their less attractive counterparts, and are therefore discriminated against in work environments where other males view them as competitors.

This may sound counterintuitive, but not to me: its a racism Ive faced all my life. Ive lost counting of the number of jobs I didnt get because my looks intimidated a male interviewer. Fortunately, Ive developed some strategies to counteract this bias, which Im happy to pass on to any all those people who find their appears are holding them back.

Dont be emasculating

The reason male interviewers feel threatened by good-looking applicants is because they associate attractiveness, however irrationally, with proficiency. Try undercutting this assumption of competence during the course of its interview: arrive late; profess to have little notion of what the position necessitates; reply to questions about previous employment with the words, Whoa lets not even go there. Even after I perfected this strategy, there were still many occasions when I didnt get the job, which gives you some idea of the mountain Ive had to climb.

Assert your attractiveness from the outset

Let the interviewer know that you know how good-looking he thinks you are, and that you expect to be treated fairly in spite of it. I like to walk in and introduce myself by saying: Merely because Im handsome, it doesnt mean my name is Handsome. Sometimes they stare, but Im used to that.

Dress down

Youd be surprised by how easily attractiveness can be offset by an ill-fitting coat, or slightly torn trousers. If youre trying to draw the interviewers eye away from your face, theres nothing like a large, well-positioned shirt-front stain.

Be vigilant about photograph

Most employers will Google you as soon as you apply to see how attractive you are, so make sure there isnt anything photogenic on Facebook. For a long time, there was a pic of me lying shirtless on a road somewhere, illuminated by a single street lamp, hair attractively tousled, upper lip somewhat swollen, which I realised was stopping me getting to interview stage. I ultimately got my friend Barry to untag me from the whole stag weekend.

Let it be known you are sexually inadequate

This kind of information can be hard to get across in a brief interview in my experience, the question hardly ever comes up but you can still create the impression. Try casually mentioning that you drive a BMW X5 everybody knows what that means. Me, I only wear tiny shoes.

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