Reaching a Summer Music Festival? Pack This Survival Gear

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Christie Hemm Klok

About to spend three days operating between stages? Don’t be a Lollapaloser: Stay comfy, hydrated, and ready to dance your face off.

Sony RX10 III | $1,500

Festivals don’t allow “professional” cameras inside. Their blanket definition? Anything with a detachable lens. The one-piece RX10 shoots rocking 20.1 -megapixel stills but will still clear security. Extend the massive 25 X zoom to get front-row shoots from the back of the mosh pit.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket | $99

When the headliner and the storm are both raging at once, you need a zip-up that maintains you dry without simmering you alive. Patagonia’s windbreaker is paper thin but treated with a DWR coating to block the wet. When the sky clears, it balls up small enough to fit in its own pocket.

Here Active Listening | $199

These wireless earbuds do more than protect your hearing. They also let you control the show by tweaking the audio with an app. Fix the stoned voice guy’s blunders or crank up the bass, throw on some reverb, and groove to a mix of your own making.

Memobottle A5 | $25

Water bottles are welcome on concert grounds, so long as they’re clear, plastic, and reusable. The A5 ticks all the boxes with singular panache. The rectangular vessel lets you slip 25 ounces of your favorite transparent liquid right into your bag without adding bulk or bulges.

Aer Sling Bag | $60

There’s only one certainty in festival life: You’ll get disgusting pretty quick. Aer’s rugged over-the-shoulder pack has a zippered compartment in the bottom to keep your muddy shoes separate from your clean shirt and BYO toilet paper.

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