Gobi creates $500 K to take on Snapchat

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Norwegian startup Gobi created $500,000 at a $15 million valuation totake onSnapchat with its Stories communication tool.The platform enables users to create public and private groups where users to be able to share photographs and videos that stay around for three days before fading into digital pixel-dust.

We originallycreated a Snapchat group for our college, says Kristoffer Lande, Gobis CEO. And different groups rapidly grew to 4,000 users. Snapchat wasnt a big fan, so they shut it down after about 24 hours. Everybody loved the community group, however, so we decided to build our own app.

One of the uses for the app is to ask for opinions; whether someone thinks your shoes are hot or not, or whether you should buy a specific shade of sunglasses.

Gobi is designed to put interactivity at your fingertips, says Lars Erik Fagerns, the companys CTO. We learned that our users often ask for each others sentiments in the app. Gobi now solves this by letting them do it with one simple step. The interactive stickers can be added on top of the snaps, and then the viewers will be able to tap and interact with them.

By placing an interactive sticker on your photo, you can get instant feedback from your followers.

The interactions vary from simple up or down elections to connections, embedded videos, audio tracks and much more.

A group can consist of anything from two people to several hundred thousand members. They are often based around interests, locations, clubs, groups of friends or events.

The company has several angel investors, includingOlympic gold medalist Petter Northugand billionairesalmon farming heir Gustav Witze.

The investment is a game changer for us, says Lande. The product is now ready, and the investment will help usexecuting onour the launch strategy later this year.

The first version of the app was originally launched in August 2015, and has since grown to around 70,000 users.

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