The FBI announced Tuesday it joined the search for a 14 -year-old girl dressed merely in pajamas and no shoes who faded Sunday after she ventured out of their own families cabin and into 50 -degree weather to use the bathroom.

Katelynn Barlow was in Washington state’s Big Lake area during a trip with their own families from Florida when she vanished around 9 p. m. Sunday, Q13Fox. com reported . Her uncle said he believed somebody enticed her away from the cabin and kidnapped her.

Barlow had been staying with her aunt and uncle, who have primary detention of her.

The teens cellphone was found at a rest area near Interstate 5, about 32 miles away from where the family had been staying.

Barlows stepfather, Kevin OConnor, tells the teen is usually never without her cellphone. She was staying on the lake with their own families for three weeks.

Jeff OConnor, the teens uncle, told Q13 Fox that nothing unusual happened leading up to her disappearance.

No ones going to( run away ), from Florida, in 50 -degree weather wearing shorts, pajama shorts, and a tank top without any shoes. Thats why we feel this is an abduction lawsuit. Someone has come and taken a close family member from us and my niece is right there and I want her to please pick up the phone and bellow me, OConnor said.

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