Duchess Kate, Like Us, Has Trouble Putting On Helmets

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The Duchess of Cambridge can play cricket in heels, hike without transgressing a sweat and repeat garb like nobody’s business.

Take the very on-theme nautical Alexander McQueen look she wore Friday to visit to Land Rover BAR, Britain’s sailing squad, of which she’s a patron.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images
All aboard!

Kate came under some criticism from royal watchers in 2011 when she first wore the nearly $ 3,000 ensemble( the shoes were Prada) to visit people rebuilding in riot-torn communities in Birmingham, England. She wore it again to more festive events in 2014 and on Friday, so there’s no denying her repeat prowess.

Many of us, meanwhile, are repeating more affordable attires. But when it comes to things like hair ties and funny faces, for example, the media phenomenon formerly known as Kate Middleton is pretty much just like us.

When Kate ran for a sail with Olympic gold medalist and sailing squad founder Ben Ainslie, everyone on board took a few moments( or in Kate’s case, two or three) to set safety first and strap on a helmet. And as anyone who has ever put on a helmet solo knows, it can take a few tries to get it on just right.

Here’s how we’re going to pretend it all went down:

“Hey, uhh, you guys? I suppose I did this wrong.”

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

“Yeah. I for sure did this wrong.”

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

“Hey man, could you help me out with this? “

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

“Oh I consider what you did here, you’ve got the straps tangled.”

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

“Oof, this is a doozy! How’d you manage this one? “

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

“All better now. Thanks! “

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

Such a rough day at work.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

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