Duchess Kate And Prince William Break A Sweat Playing Sports In India

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are quite the sporting couple. Prince William is an avid soccer fan, supporting lowly Aston Villa, and as watched above, Duchess Kate’s cricket swing is strong — even in wedges.

On Sunday, the couple visited a park in Mumbai, India, as part of their royal tour of the country. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was on hand to bowl a few deliveries to Duchess Kate and Prince William.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Playing athletics in wedges ain’t easy.
POOL New/ Reuters
Get ready, outfielders.
POOL New/ Reuters
Can the Prince construct the catch?
Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Run, Duchess, operate!
Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Going, running … GONE!

Cricket and soccer( sorry, football) are two athletics that were actually conceived in England, so naturally, a proper kickabout was arranged. The royal couple got their respective wedges and suede shoes a bit dirty, who cares? They’re royals, and athletics are more important than seeming pristine at every opportunity.

They did some drills in the park before heading to a slum area in Mumbai for some street soccer.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Prince William with the tekkers.
AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images
Soccer at its most basic: A ball and some cones.

Sign these two up for the Sunday League.

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