Chilling Footage Proves A Little Girl’s Last Moments Before A Pedophile Took Her

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The Florida State Attorneys Office released shocking footage of a sicko pedophile actually luring his victim towards him.

The victim was an 8-year-old little girl. Cherish Perrywinkle is last considered alive in this footage. Twelve hours later in front of Highlands Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida, her dead body would end up being detected. It was at a Walmart where the “girls ” was with her mom and sisters as they were shopping for clothes. Abruptly, the girl vanished. 911 calls were made by the mama, Rayne, and these were also released. Apparently the mommy said she was approached by Donald Smith, a stranger who offered to help buy clothes for her kids.

Rayne was frantic when she realized that her daughter Cherish was missing so she called 911 for help.

He wanted her to buy these truly tall shoes that were womens shoes and I told him no. I said, Theyre too high for her, I wouldnt even wear shoes that high, Rayne told the dispatcher.

Maybe he was grooming her. I hope to God he doesnt kill her and I hope to God he doesnt rape her, she added.

Unfortunately the response to the mother’s call was actually delayed because apparently police officers were skeptical of the bellow, due to Rayne being involved in a custody battle at the time. The policemen have since been disciplined after a seven week internal investigation took place.

56-year-old Smith was charged for raping and killing Cherish after he abducted her

Hes actually a registered and convicted sex offender dating all the way back to 1993. His prior apprehends involve child abuse( felony charge) and unlawful impersonation of a public employee. Not only that but prior to 93 he was involved in a handful of legal occurrences including assault, attempted kidnapping, and presenting obscene material to a minor( 2 counts ).

Police objective up cornering Smiths white van on Interstate 95. The trial that was scheduled in a few weeks, has been postponed, but it looks like next month will be when he will face the murder charges. Hopefully, once and for all, this scum will be removed from the streets permanently.

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