Bus Driver Sees Crying Boy Get on His BusAfter Insuring the Boys Hands and Ears He Became a Hero

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Once he got to the school he had a message for the whole school…

While Washington state is known for its rain, what people don’t realise is that it gets a special kind of cold, a wet cold. The only way to have a shot of staying warm is to have a good pair of gloves, shoes and hat.For one particular child, hedidn’t have that.

A bus driver by the name of John Lunceford was stimulating his rounds when he noticed that one of his pickups had a young child without gloves or a hat. He decided that wasn’t acceptable, and now his actions have gone viral in the best style possible 😛 TAGEND

Our staff members have big hearts and on Thursday one bus driver acted on his when he saw a student in need.

The student was crying when he boarded John Luncefords bus. Lunceford noticed how red the students exposed hands and ears were after hed waited for the bus in the freezing temperatures that morning.

I put my gloves on him and told him itll be OK, itll be OK, says Lunceford, a U.S. Army veteran in his third year driving buses for Kennewick School District.

Right after dropping his bus full of students at school, Lunceford headed to a dollar store. He bought ten stocking hats and ten decides of gloves, in black or pink, and headed back to the school.

He didnt know the students name so had an administrator assist track him down. They saw the boy in the library with his class and Lunceford handed a hat and pair of gloves to him.

Im a grandfather, you know, Lunceford says. No one wants a kid to suffer like that.

The onset of winter climate means households need to send their students off each day wearing heavy coats as well as hats and gloves or mittens. Our staff are always willing to help families find any items they need.

The little boy wont be the last student Lunceford helps out. He told all the students in the schools library that if they were on his route and didnt have hats or gloves, hed take care of them.

There was a little girl who said I dont have a hat, and I said Ill take care of you, sweetie, Lunceford says. #iamksd

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