Bridesmaids break the bank: bridal expenses surpass flight to Paris, study determines

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The average American bridesmaid shells out $1,324 more than a springtime flight overseas on outfits, bachelorette parties and more, wedding survey said

Being a bridesmaid at an American wedding expenses more than a long weekend at a luxury Miami Beach hotel or a springtime flight to Paris, according to a new survey.

The average bridesmaid spends $1,324 on a bridal, according to a study by Weddington Way, a collaborative wedding shopping site .~ ATAGEND

The site surveyed more than 660 bridesmaids about wedding expenditures, finding that the average money spent was highest in the north-east, $, 1466, and lowest in the midwest, $1,178.

That is more than it costs to expend a long weekend at Miami Beachs Fontainebleau hotel or to fly to Tokyo next week.

The survey respondents said they spent an average of $165 on the dress, $89 on hair and makeup, $71 on shoes and $56 on accessories for a total cost of $381 on clothes and prep alone.

Then there was the bachelorette party and bridal shower, $501, and the actual wedding expenses, including travelling, lodging and gift at $442.

The bulk of respondents funds were used to pay for the pre-wedding celebrations, like the bridal shower and bachelorette party, which is now being $501, on average.

So, according to the sites data, a woman who serves as a bridesmaid 5 times will have spent $6,620 on other peoples weddings.

But the high cost is not a shock to any woman who has been a bridesmaid in recent years.

Carey Purcell wrote for Alternet about how being a bridesmaid is driving me to the brink of bankruptcy , noting the additional fiscal burden from taking off work for marriage preparation and related celebrations.

And a Google search beginning with do bridesmaids suggests auto complete answers that are only finance-related: do bridesmaids pay for bridal rain, do bridesmaids pay for their dress, do bridesmaids pay for their own hair, do bridesmaids give shower gifts.

Weddington Way advises potential bridesmaids to use its planning feature to budget their expenses, though the least expensive bridesmaids dress on the site is on sale for $69, and the most expensive dresses are $480.

Whats the line between stretching yourself a little to be a supportive friend, versus overextending, the website asks. Odds are, if youre debating that topic, perhaps you should dedicate a bit more believed before you say I do to your crew.

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