Boeing proves off the spacesuit astronauts will wear on the Starliner

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The commercial spaceflight industry is doing a great job generating new rockets, launching vehicles and all that good stuff, but spacesuits have watched few alterations. Up to now. Boeing has publicly debuted what astronauts on its Starliner craft will be wearing, and it looks like a big improvement.

Chris Ferguson, former cosmonaut and now leader of Boeings Starliner Crew and Mission Systems, showed off the suit for the cameras yesterday.

This one isnt for doing spacewalks, but instead for getting the astronaut from the staging region of the launch to the relative safety of the space station, and vice versa. It still needs to be airtight and resistant to extreme temperatures and other extremis situations merely not to hard vacuum and cosmic radiation. But there was definitely room to improve on the bright orange Advanced Crew Escape Suits made by NASA since the 1990 s.

Weve simplified the suit, Ferguson said in a Boeing video. Astronauts formerly had these comparatively bulky heavy suits with thick neck rings, and we learned throughout the years maybe we didnt need that.



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