A Real Wonder Woman Spent 50 Hours Stimulating This Costume From A Cheap Yoga Mat And Duct Tape, And The Result Will Amaze You

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Some superheroes inspire people to get super crafty. Australian makeup artist and children’s party entertainer Rhylee Passfield took inspiration from everyone’s now-favorite female superhero, Wonder Woman, and using a yoga mat, duct videotape, and a little sorcery from a heat firearm, she made a wonderful costume.

“Basically, I started by duct-taping myself”, the artist explained the process to the Daily Mail Australia. “Then I cut out a pattern from the duct videotape kind, copied it onto a Kmart yoga mat and glued it together using contact adhesive.”

Then, employing a hot firearm, the woman curved the corset, and made the breastplate pattern utilizing fake nails. The eagle, belt, leg armor, gauntlets, and the headpiece were all made from thin craft foam, scrap vinyl and boyleg underwear were used to induce the skirt, and the shoes are a painted thrift shop find.

“All up the costume cost me about $30 and took about 50 hours as it was my first time making anything like it.”

The artist said that drawing has been her passion since she was a little kid, and now she wants to branch out into more regions. This costume was a way for her to challenge herself and test her artistic abilities. See what she did and how she did it in the pictures and videos below.

Australian makeup artist Rhylee Passfield built herself an impressive Gal Gadot-style Wonder Woman costume from scratch

At first, the artist duct-taped herself, then utilized a pattern to cut out the shape from a$ 6 yoga mat

She curved the sort with a hot handgun and constructed the breastplate pattern employing fake nails

Using thin craft foam, she formed the eagle and belt

Then she spray painted the piece and hand painted the details

To make the skirt she used scraps of vinyl glued onto boyleg underwear

The shoes are a thrift shop find that the artist also spray painted

She utilized the same crafting technique to attain the headpiece, gauntlets, and leg armor

An impressive makeup finished off the look

The costume surely appears impressive in motion

A post shared by Rhylee Passfield (@ rermakeup ) on Nov 3, 2017 at 12:22 am PDT

The artist, who has over 13 k adherents on instagram, often shares pictures of her other impressive transformations too

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