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Canadian photographer Kirsten McGoey has three boys one of them who happens to love dance.

“He twirls so often, my head spins thinking about it, ” Kirsten told Upworthy.

Kirsten’s middle son working the barre.

He also happens to love a whole host of other things that have been traditionally linked with girls, she says, but that doesn’t appears to faze him.

Kirsten was so inspired by her son’s unabashed love for things that aren’t traditionally masculine that she decided to document his enthusiasm through a photography series called #aboycantoo.

A self-described tomboy, Kirsten has been touched by the gender equality motions meant to encourage daughters not to let the fact that something is marketed or designated as “for boys” be stopped from doing what they love.

As a mom of boys, however, she wanted to open the conversation in the other direction.

She started by photographing her own sons, but once word of her project reached the community, she discovered there were a number of sons who, like her son, didn’t ascribe themselves to traditional “boy” activities.

In six months, she’s photographed 17 of them, espousing the things they love:

( Some are not named because their parents preferred anonymity .)

1. Things like tap dancing.

Kirsten’s middle son in his tap shoes.

“Pink is not for girls and blue is not for sons, any more than dance is for girls and soccer is boys, ” Kirsten says.

2. And figuring skating.

He’s been skating for several years and does a mean single Salchow.

3. Or acting, playing a female character.

Cian, like many of us, appreciates a great dress find.

Even at first session, Kirsten knew Cian was extraordinary. He was holding an apple, then out of nowhere, pretended to swoon. When she went to help him, he got up and told her, “I am being Snow White after she bit the apple.”

“My son has more confidence in his little body than I’ve seen in my entire life. He’s inspired me to have more confidence in myself, ” Cian’s mother told Upworthy.

4. There are little boys in the world who like played with dolls.

This 3-year-old treats his doll like she’s his newborn, and it’s the best.

5. And reading lots of volumes.

This boy is only 8, and he’s already read 500 volumes. Now he reads at a teenage level.

6. And singing dramatically.

Belting his final moment in “Oliver! ”

7. Some sons like played with hair accessories.

Kirsten’s youngest loving hair accessories.

8. And others do ballet.

Brenden teaching Kirsten’s middle son a ballet move.

The # aboycantoo project is giving the boys strength to deal with the resistance they face from society as they grow up.

They’re realise they can play a pivotal role as mentors to the younger sons who will come after them, she says, and it shows them that growing up into something that isn’t traditionally “masculine” doesn’t have to be fraught with difficulties.

At the end of the working day, Kirsten hopes her project will allow people who haven’t support such sons to have a change of heart.

More importantly, she says, “If one son find the ability to be himself with pride because of this project we have met my goal.”

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