6 gadgets debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show that may change lives for the better.

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New year. New contraptions. It’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show.

In January, the world’s best innovators come together in Las Vegas to showcase their latest gadgets, wonders, and game-changers in the consumer electronics space( devices an individual could buy and use in their daily life ).

Products like the VCR, Cd player, DVR, and even HDTV induced their debut at the CES, and each year, tech pundits and trend-watchers look to the event to theorize as to which devices we’ll be clamoring for next.

The insider-only event has grown from 14 exhibiting companies in 1967 to over 3, 600 in 2016. This year’s present, held Jan. 6-9, ought to be able to attract more than 150,000 guests.

The crowded floor at CES 2016. Photo by Ethan Miller/ Getty Images.

While many of the products are fun, if a little self-indulgent, there are countless contraptions, wearables, and apps debuting at the CES 2016 that may actually help people and the places we call home.

From improving our health to cleaning up the environment, these six items from the CES have us entirely geeked for 2016.

1. The Luminion: a beautiful home-energy tracker

The Luminion, a new device by French company Ubiant, is more than just a pretty light. The gadget lets you know how much energy your home is employ and, thanks to the company’s cloud-based energy management system, lets you compare your usage to that of your community.

That’s one badass candle. Photo by Ethan Miller/ Getty Images.

According to Ubiant, the device “encourages users to adopt best the procedures and reduce their energy consumption by up to 20%. ”

So it’s no astound the Luminion took home a 2016 CES Innovation Award in the category of Tech for a Better World.

2. This affordable 3D Pen by XYZprinting

This 3D pen allows you to “draw” sculptures. A corn-based plastic material is pushed through the tip-off of the pen in liquid form but cools rapidly so the user can describe 3D statues without a computer or expensive, complicated software like AutoCAD.

, this pen has the potential improve accessibility to 3D design not just for dabblers and hobbyists, but for students, teachers, and schools.

3. Kolibree’s interactive gaming toothbrush

This interactive gaming toothbrush from Kolibree constructs recollecting to brush your pearly whites only a little bit easier. The electric brush and coinciding app assistance induce proper toothbrushing a fun and playful experience.

Because you don’t have to brush all your teeth, simply the ones you want to keep. Photo by Ethan Miller/ Getty Images.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the most common chronic condition of children in the United States, and 20% of kids ages 5 to 11 have at least one untreated cavity. Yikes! A device like this just might be worth the $99 price tag.

4. ili, the wearable translator that’s straight out of “Star Trek”

Traveling is fantastic, but rarely does a person have time to master a language before heading overseas. But with the ili by Japanese company Logbar, you can have a translator with you at all periods, right in your pocket.

Fitness trackers are having a moment, with 1 in 10 adults owning some kind of wearable one. But connected foot software from Zhor Tech provides information( and control) the likes of which we haven’t assured.

WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE? Photo by David McNew/ AFP/ Getty Images.

These smart shoes and insoles can monitor physical constraints, alert an employer or loved one about an injury, or even signal your locating if you get lost.

Special inserts even feature an app-controlled heating element if you’re in extreme conditions. And of course, it counts your steps.

6. Rechargable batteries that don’t require a bulky charger

These batteries from USBCELL appear and run like traditional AA versions, but when they succumb, you can pop the top and charge them in your USB port.

end up each year.

These are just a small sampling of the products at CES 2016.

With thousands of exhibitors, there are enough devices, apps, dronings, and mind-melting tech to construct your head spin in the very best route.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

What a time to be alive!

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