5 Way To Ease Your Anxious Mind With Witchcraft And Spells

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Things are get a little witchy out in these streets, people.

During this trying time of political turmoil, people are looking for guidance, leadership and mending from magical forces-out we cannot see or hear.

In my( correct) sentiment, this is because the leadership we have is only fanning the flames of anxiety, division and hatred.

Its time to accept that the world is embracing its metaphysical side, and perhaps its time to embrace your own.

If youre struggling with the state of the world or your own life is an overly intense, toxic wave pool, merely follow these witchcraft techniques, and I guarantee your anxiety is likely to be eased 😛 TAGEND

1. Connect with nature.

Witches cast their spells when theyre outdoors, connecting to the earth and the heavens at once.

Carve out a day for yourself when you can revel in yoursolitude, and go somewhere you can take your shoes off and feel the earth under your feet without stepping on a used condom.

Take deep breaths, leave your phone at home, bring a pencil and paper and write off your thoughts.

This will help you get back in touch with yourself and connect to what you genuinely want and truly need.

2. Cleanse your space.

The energy in your home can have a massive impact on how you feel, including the colorings, the arrangement, the smells and the sounds.

Start by using a sage stick to clear out any negative energy in your home.

Once “youre starting” burning it, youll understand why they say it scares awayevil: it smells like an old mans asshole.

Hit the four corners of your apartment with that sage, as well as any doorways and windows.

Clean the dust off the floors and adjust the lighting to construct “youre feeling” calm and peaceful.

Light a few aromatherapy candles to ease your worried mind.

My favorite ones are from Paddywax. Try the Salted Grapefruit one; its delectable and uplifting.

3. Make a ritual.

Whether you love meditating, yoga, prayer or vision-boarding, generate some kind of ritual that will empower and inspire you to live your life with intention.

This is good for two reasons: It allows you to get specific about what you want, and it gives you is high time to get excited about it.

When you truly visualize your goals in a specific style, you get excited about them, and that energy snowballs from there.

Following your highest exhilaration in life allows you to attract opportunities that arouse you. Its a positive cycle.

4. Ingest some herbs.

Witches love herbs. Herbal remedies and holistic therapy modalities are used for life enhancement and healing.

Now, you are not able to were prepared to jump into casting a spell just yet, but employing normal people herbal remedies like tea can be used to help ease your mind.

Another way to use the healing power of herbs is through gardening, which are able to pacify you down and stimulate you feel like a wise woman sowing the seeds of her truth.( Whatever that means .)

5. Act with intention.

There are as many spiritual practices as there are witches, and spirituality is fluid.

Take whatever works for you and leave the rest, but expend some time out of your life exploring whatever captures you.

Discover appropriate tools that work for you by experimenting with crystals, tarot, astrology, prayer, meditation, dancing or whatever activities make you smile.

Your happiness depends more upon internal factors than external ones, so essentially, you can create more of it in your life by going inward.

Confront your shadow ego and the beliefs you have that no longer serve you.

And as you get in touch with what induces you happy, youll find it easier to let go of those negative ideas forever.

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