27 Doctors And Nurses Share The Goriest And Most Disturbing Things They’ve Seen While On The Job

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1.” Traffic accident, newborn ejected”

As a paramedic, responded to a bellow of” industrial accidents, baby expelled “. We prepared for the worst we could imagine. Arrive in about 8 minutes, trooper on scene trying to clear the area of spectators/ gawkers and preserve the scene. He had encompassed the “baby” with the yellow death-sheet troopers carry in their trunks. Lifted the sheet to check vitals/ pronounce death, and it was not a newborn, but the top half of the 19 year old girl that was driving the small pickup truck about 50 yards away.

She was driving and arguing with her 19 year old spouse who was the passenger. They were doing about 55 mph on a two lane road, and met an oncoming truck pulling a doublewide mobile home. She operated under the front corner of the mobile home, cutting her in half. Her bottom half remained in the drivers seat, while her unhurt spouse watched as the truck the skidded another 50 -6 0 yards, sideswiping a minivan, sending it into the ditch upside down. When the truck came to rest, her bottom half fell out onto the ground. We also determined a trail of ribs from the cab to the bed, and down the pavement to the top half. It looked like a movie define. Her top and bottom looked unhurt, but from mid chest to about pelvis was strung along the road. The husband was utterly freaking out about what he had just seen. He was babbling incoherently, running around swaying at people, just a mess. A witness who lived right in front of the scene started having chest pain, and had to be transported. We took the husband, and I called medical control and actually get orders to give him iv valium, something paramedics commonly can only devote for grand-mal seizures. The driver of the big truck was penalty, but was also very very distraught at what he had just witnessed.

That was 16 Years ago and I can still remember pulling up to that scene like it was yesterday.

2. Wiping Down

I used to be a nurse’s assist. I once had to put a very obese female on the bedpan( she was only mid 40′ s) and I left. She put her call light on and when I answered she said she was all done. I turn her on her side to remove the bedpan merely to see that it is empty. My first thought was that she had been misstep about having pooped. But then I appear and realize that her ass cheek were so massive her entire dump couldn’t make it the length of her cheek and had get wedged in between them. I had to dig the entire load out of her as by hand. It was only about two months into the job and it gave me some serious second thoughts haha.

3. Cleaning Up The House

A somewhat mentally deranged person that they had somehow deemed fit for society had to be vacated out of a home that was going to get demolished, and it was my job( and others on my team) to move out what could be saved.

We ended up basically merely taking with us, as could be saved( “hes having” mostly just furniture, which reeked with the most pungent odors that you cannot imagine ).

Here are some highlights( important note: I have an iron snout and belly, I don’t really retch unless I’m very sick ):

Two of my co-workers immediately puked upon entering his house, and they were unable to enter without retching even after that. Me and my boss had to check out the place ourselves.

There was utter junk all over the house; it was very hard to move around. It was largely newspapers…which leads me to my next phase 😛 TAGEND

This guy shat and pissed on the fucking floor and covered it with newspapers.

The reason why he did this was because his toilet had wholly clogged up, and the high doorstep to the bathroom meant that there was about 2-3 inches of water, piss, diarrhea, and shit. When I initially opened the door to the bathroom, I had to go outside and get air immediately: I aimed up gagging and very nearly retching from the concentrated fumes. My boss retched from simply walking by the door after I had opened it.

After evacuating him to his new place, we immediately rinsed the entire company vehicle( big Toyota HiAce) because the whole vehicle reeked like Satan’s assholeespecially the place he had been sitting.

3 weeks after the incident, after having rinsed the vehicle 3 times, we could still smell his god-forsaken odor of fetid calamity. We aimed up calling in a professional cleaning crew to fixing it, as the stench permeated everything.

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