19 Ways Anyone Born After 1990 Is Wholly Unprepared For The Real world

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1. Were socially inept.

Romantic and professional relationships alikewere awful at courting them. Networking isnt all that easy when you live in world where theres an app for cuddling.

2. We have no clue how to write a letter.

Or an email, for that are important. For us, email is basically obsolete. All very unfortunate, because it( literally) pays to know how to craft a decent thank you note.

3. LOL MAPS ???

I dare you to ask us how to drive our own block without employing Waze.

4. We legit do not know how to write a check.

Leh. Jitt. And no, guys, we cant only venmo” our landlord this months rent

5. Also, reading. We dont know how to do it.

And spellying? Wuts thet? Allsow if u thynck wee no houw too yuse a commah or da difrinse beetween there and their u r rong.

6. We cant cook for shit.

Wed probably phase out kitchens if they didnt enhance our Seamless experience.

7. Or construct, like, anything.

Or change a lightbulb. Or send a package. Or tie our shoes.

8. We have. The. Shortest attention. Spa

Yes, boss, I can write that up for…….something smells like alcohol I wonder if my friends wanna drink tonight bye.

9. We think in clouds, but we crave linearity.

Our iThoughts assemble in complex clouds…which isnt inevitably a bad thing. The only downside is, were fixed on landing jobs right out of college thatll launch us on a straight, direct path to our dreaming careers. Disappointment awaits.

10. And steps, you say? Instructions? Yeah, we cant follow em.

I challenge you to find someone born after 1990 who can confidently navigate an instruction manual of any kind without having an nervousnes assault. If Siri cant tell us how to do itwhatever it isin literally ONE STEP OR LESS, opportunities are, were not even gonna try.

11. We were raised by helicopter parents.

Young adults today were born in an age of over-parenting, and as a result, were garbage at get shit done for ourselves.

12. Losing? Wtf is that? Anyone Born After 1990

Per that age of over-parenting, were used to getting a ribbon for showing up and a trophy for coming in last. Gonna be fairly awkward when we enter the workforce and realize that winning is hard, and losing is part of the process.

13. Were unaware that , no , not everyone cares what we have to say.

Again, per that age of over-parenting, were intellectually entitled. We need to~ feeling heard~ because we earnestly believe that each and every one of our precious little thoughts is brilliant and worth sharing.

14. And were terrible at accepting criticism.

We thirst for the constant honors we received as children. We dont know how to handle, This is bad, and I have nothing positive to say about it.

15. Were socialized to champion Group Think.

With countless platforms for virtual Group Think at our disposalSkype, GroupMe, Facebook, etc.and a pervasive TEAMWORK RULES! ideology, were fearful, incompetent Independent Thinkers.

16. Were unapologetically lazy.

Thank GOD for Postmates, the app that get people to run your errands for you, while you fester on your couch, waiting for ice cream from the corner deli that costs more than the service.

17. Despite all our iTools, were junked at communicating.

If given the arduous task of preserving a relationship when even technology doesnt stimulate constant communication easy, well fail. Say were dating person long distance, and our schedules are way out of sync; if we cant text that someone all day long, well panic and give up. Because, like, telephone call require too much work.

18. We have no patience for old people.

Bitch, if you cant text it, Idont care.( Yes, Im talking to you, Nana .) Grim, if only because the working day, were gonna be old( GASP !), and then karmas gonna be the only bitch answering our iHolograms or whatever.

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