18 Horror Films Coming To Get Us In 2017

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2017 is looking like it’s going to be a good year for fans of the horror genre .

With numerous sequels, reboots and original films slated for release, there’s going to be plenty to keep you all busy.

Check them out here :

Amityville: Awakening

The latest unfortunate family to move into the Amityville house consists of a single mother and her three children, one of them comatose. They’re delighted when this son wakes up( especially since physicians told them that this was impossible ), but soon begin to realise that things aren’t quite right…

Check out a trailer here 😛 TAGEND

Expected release date: January, 2017


Mama director Andrs Muschietti will direct anotheradaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel, It . While it hasn’t been announced who will fill Tim Curry’s shoes, and play Pennywise the sadistic clown, we’re hopeful that this film will live up to the original mini-series.

Expected release date: September, 2017

The Strangers 2

A sequel to the jump-scare 2008 film, The Strangers , this will see the same masked psychopaths torment( and realistically, probably eventually assassination) a new family.

Expected release date: TBD 2017

Patient Zero

Natalie Dormer and John Bradley( both of Game of Thrones fame) will hunt for the titular Patient Zero, after a global pandemic turns the majority of the population into crazed, violent killers.

Expected release date: TBD 2017

Death House

The titular “Death House” is a top-secret prison: the “area-5 1 of evil” whichholds humanity’s worst “death-dealers” in an underground facility. When these prisoners get free, two federal agents have to fight( basically through hell) to get out.

Expected release date: TBD 2017

World War Z 2

Brad Pitt will be back opposing zombies in the second World War Z instalment. We’re guessing that- seeing as they essentially defeated the virus at the end of the first cinema- this time, he’ll be dealing with some sort of mutation …? We’ll find out in June 2017.

Expected release date: 9th June, 2017


Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton are set to starring in this reboot of the 1977 classic, Suspiria . In it, an American ballet student realises that not all is as it seems at the prestigious European dance academy she has been sent to. Something sinister and supernatural is going on…

Expected release date: TBD 2017

The Dark Tower

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will star opposite one another in the much anticipated Dark Tower . Based on a series of books by Stephen King, it will seeRoland Deschain- the last is part of an order called the Gunslingers- roam an Old-West-type landscape, all in search of the “Dark Tower” that he hopes will save his dying world.

Expected release date: 17 th February, 2017

Annabelle 2

Spin-off to The Conjuring , the first Annabelle cinema insured a family haunted by a vintage doll after satanists invaded their home. While plot details are thin on the ground for this sequel, we can’t help but think that it’ll be much of the( frightening) same.

Expected release date: May, 2017


While plot details are being kept under wraps, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest cinema will star James McAvoy and Anna Taylor-Joy, and be a “thriller with supernatural elements.” Sounds intriguing…

Expected release date: 20 th January, 2017


In Meg , Jason Stathamhas to rescue a submarine crew, stranded at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Unfortunately, there’s a 70 footCarcharadon Megalodon- the largest marine predator that has ever existed, and long thought to be extinct- in his way…

Expected release date: TBD, 2017

Friday the 13 th

We’re only eight months away from the release of thelatest Friday the 13 th movie, but in so far details are difficult to find. With no corroborated casting, we do know that the script has been written byAaron Guzikowski- who penned Prisoners – and that bodes well…

Expected release date: 13 th January, 2017


Abruptio is being described as a surrealistic thriller/ horror, that will be performed solely be lifelike marionettes. Starring( the voices of) James Marsters and Robert Englund, it will seeaman wakes up one morning to discover that an explosive device has been implanted in his neck. If he wants to live, he has to to be implemented by a series of fairly heinous crimes.

Expected release date: May, 2017

The Chair

Based on a graphic novel, The Chair is about an innocent man on death row. After witnessing the brutal and sadistic slayings of his fellow inmates( at the hands of the Warden ), this human realises that if he wants to survive, he’ll have to match the brutality of the men around him…

Expected release date: TBD, 2017

Insidious 4

A fourth Insidious film has been confirmed after the success of the first three chapters. Lin Shaye will be back to playparapsychologist Elisa Rainier, but other than that, the casting hasn’t been announced.

Expected release date: TBD, 2017

A Cure for Wellness

Dane DeHaan and Jason Isaacs star in The Ring director Gore Verbinski’s latest. While plot details are being kept under wraps( for now ), we do know that it’ll concern a human trying to rescue his boss from a European wellness centre, and while that doesn’t sound scary, we can’t assist but think that something nefarious will be going on…

Expected release date: 24 th March, 2017

Sky Sharks

A team of geologists stumble across a forgotten Nazi experiment, frozen in a laboratory deep in the Antarctic. It turns out, they had genetically modified sharks, devoting them the ability to fly…

( This might sound a little bit like Sharknado , but we’re taking that as a positive …).

Expected release date: September, 2017

I Saw The Devil

You’re Next and The Woods director Adam Wingard has just announced that his next project is likely to be I Insured the Devil – a remake of a Korean horror which will see a rascal secret agent exact retaliation on a serial killer through a twisted game of cat and mouse.

Expected release date: TBD, 2017

Which one of these are you most looking forward to? Let us know in specific comments !

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