100 Women On What ItaEUR( tm) s Like To Run Makeup-Free

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The first human women to line their eyes and stain their lips were the ancient Egyptians, their aesthetic endeavours an attempt to mask features of their face to induce them appear less closer to demise. After millennias of cosmetic evolution, and of course, a less animalistic approach to partner selection, it seems modern females are faced with a conundrum: is makeup an art and a freeing, or does it mask who we really are?

We like to throw around the politically neutralizing phrase: whatever works for you! especially when it is necessary to aesthetics, yet we rarely talk about the multitude of perspectives girls have on any particular issue, especially one that is so closely married to societys idea of what it means to be successful, beautiful or wanted.

Makeup is a personal selection , not a social obligation, and photographer Steve Osemwankhae recognized that there was an opportunity to let girls respond on this very front. His photo project, the No Makeup Series features over 100 women in a series of portraits, sharing with the world both their faces and their supposes, entirely stripped down.

The idea for this series came to me on the MBTAs commuter rail one morning, Osemwenkhae told HelloGiggles in an interview. A woman was tussling through her pouch as I was trying to get a quick sleep. With all the rucku, I appeared up and ensure she was applying makeup. I couldnt understand it as it is something I am not very well known. As she layered her face with lotion and foundation, I started to think about how to showcase natural beauty. At that moment, I decided to take on the no makeup project with a few friends.

Yet, he makes it clear that he in no way magistrates or condemns the use of makeup. Instead, he just has an interest in the different ways we celebrate and express beauty, and how girls think of themselves with and without the sorcery of a mascara wand. Its a vehicle to showcase natural beauty, but also to change the narrative on how we define beauty as a whole.


I think that makeup should be an option for people who want to wear it, but not a requirement. As a woman and a college student living with four other females, I feel pressure to wear it from the people around me, and often get remarks pointing out that I do not regularly wear makeup. I think everyone should feel beautiful in their own scalp and not self-conscious of flaws that we all have. Instead, I think we should embrace the beauty that we were given and use makeup more as a highlight of that beauty than as a mask to create societys notion of beauty. Lydia Lee


Makeup is expensive and takes away from the natural beauty that we have been blessed with and given. But there are so many different things you can do with makeup. So many different aspects to it and many different styles. The power of makeup is truly amazing, especially when it is necessary to photos. You can cover up anything, but also generate beautiful masterpieces with it as well. Raha


When I was growing up, makeup was a style to change who I was and emulate those I admired. Nowadays, its more about being comfy and owning my own scalp It shouldnt be about changing or concealing things, but about enhancing the features you love and what stimulates you unique. Elissa Garza


I like what I see when I look in the mirror. It took me years to be able to actually say that out loud. Makeup, for me, is a tool to enhance whats already there. I enjoy experimenting with different eyeshadow colors and shades of lipstick to attain me more beautiful, but I realize that I can be just as beautiful without all of that. Aisha Lomax


I dont hate makeup, but Im not in love with it either! Im for whatever makes a woman look and feel wonderful! When Im not at work, a little lipstick and mascara are enough for me. Vivian Terzian


I dont inevitably love makeup, but I have also just started wearing makeup about one year ago. Ive always been a plain jane for most of my life and only wore makeup for special occasions I still do not run full-on five layers of makeup. My makeup consists of just eye coloring and lip gloss. No foundation for me, even though I have tons of blemishes. I love my plain jane JLo as much as done-up JLo. Jennifer JLo Lopez( Not the vocalist .)


My mom never wore makeup, and she always told me I didnt need it and wouldnt let me wear it. So I never get in the habit of putting on makeup. I dont dislike it or love it, I just really value my moms sentiment. Kayla McGarrell


Growing up a ballerina made some of my fondest memories associated with stage makeup and performing, but I dont suppose anyone should be judged or deemed less beautiful since they are choose to show off their natural beauty. Camille NDiaye-Mulle


I wear makeup to the degree that it pleases me; I always think about who I am doing it for and what it does for me. Halah Ahmad


I have an unconditional love for makeup. My profession is Makeup. It is my business, it is my passion, it is my subsistence. However, Im a believer that makeup is not something that all the women NEEDS. Its a tool to help enhance all the natural beauty that all girl already possess. Or for an expression of imagination. I wear makeup almost every day as I am a representation of my craft, but I also wear it for ME. Lisa Roche


I love makeup as an art, Im simply too lazy to do art on my face every morning. Miranda Tyson


I definitely have a love/ hate relationship with makeup. Being an actress/ model, makeup is a regular part of the job and my life. You have to wear makeup on most shoots, even if just going for a natural appear. I LOVE get my makeup done professionally by someone else, but I do not inevitably enjoy doing it myself for auditions or shoots where you are required to do your own makeup. Tre Alexander


There is something transforming about makeup. Theres nothing like the feeling that a pair of fake eyelashes and a swipe of red lipstick gives me; I feel empowered, ready to take on the world The drawback of makeup is how the ads that sell it portray perfection. In a world of airbrushing and Photoshop, Im concerned about the images that we are showing to the girls of the next generation. Jesse


” The makeup industry intimidates me. I cant keep up with the most popular brand or hottest trend. Every hour I turn on the television, drive on the highway, browse through a publication or even sign on Facebook, ad after of ad of gorgeous airbrushed females take over selling you lipstick that can plump up your lips or mascara to attain your eyelashes longer. You cant escape it. So many females feed into the advertisements, hoping they can replicate the image being sold by the makeup industry. It is just too much for me. I dont have the patience or fund for it. I do find makeup artists very talented and respect their craft. I guess I am simply too simple.

When I do wear makeup, I go for a very natural look. I dont feel comfy with a lot of makeup on my skin. I wear it to accentuate my eyes or have a pop of color on my lips. Makeup doesnt define my beauty. I feel beautiful with or without it. As I get older, I am learning to embracing the flaws on scalp such as the blemishes from my teenage years and dark circles under my eyes from aging. Foundation and corrective concealer can hide it, but wont magically stimulate the flaws on my scalp disappear. The best makeup in my opinion is a good night of sleep, a good skin regimen, lots of water, and a healthy diet. Embrace your natural beauty .” Jessica Zamansky


” I used to wear tons of makeup in middle school like colorful eyeshadow since it was artsy and I’m an artsy person but I was still bullied by some sons for wearing colorful eyeshadow. In high school and college I wear minimal makeup which seems more natural; I wear it to highlight some parts of my face so I look presentable to people !” Susan Yim


” I personally look at it as an art .. I think its a sort of expres. I do think some depend on it so much that it affects you on the inside to a certain degree. And its important to appreciate natural beauty in all of us .” Marcy Hodel


” Media definitely has a huge influence on our notion of beauty and what is “appropriate” in the society. It projects the trends that are in the fashion industry and therefore guide women working in what is the current “thing” to do. In my opinion it’s fun and a cool style to express yourself, experimenting with different appears, making yourself seem different. Personally, it gives me more confidence and I believe I seem prettier with makeup on. BUT the important thing for any woman is to feel beautiful in any situation, with or without makeup and that’s where the media isn’t helping, as it portrays perfection( skin, eyes, lips) and we try to reach that perfection through makeup. We are all perfect in our own way .” Evelina Tolstykh


” Makeup is truly creative and fun. I love makeup. But is nice too to go natural. Makeup brings different sides of someone’s personality .” Genevive


I have always been afraid of buffoons. When people used to ask my why, I would tell them that it was because they made me nervous because it felt that with their painted on faces the latter are concealing something. Over these past few years I have fought a lot with depression and ego image, and it attained me question all that I was hiding. I recollect how at some times the only period I ever felt confident was with my own painted on face. Is this makeup’s defect? I don’t think so. But there was something that I did realize after coming out of whatever dark place I was at: on the days that I am happy, I feel so much more beautiful than makeup can ever make me feel. Sioned Kay Kirkpatrick


Do you recollect the first day we met? I told you how beautiful I supposed one of your models was. And I told you that it was because she seemed so happy. Happiness is beautiful. If makeup stimulates you happy, then wear it! If not, then don’t worry about it. Regardless we should all strut our stuff, be confident, and be happy, because that’s what true beauty is .” Jayne Costello Goode


” Makeup, or the absence of it, is one accessory that I use to express a mood, an attitude, or image at a specific moment, in a given situation. Sometimes, the most powerful style to project strength, is to wear no makeup at all. War paint does not make the warrior princess .” Amber Skye


” Makeup should never be a necessity … Every body has natural beauty. I believe a smile is the sexiest thing you can wear … And you can do that without makeup. Makeup is a fun playful thing to use to accentuate the natural beauty you already have … When you have the time for it …. But I’d rather merely get up and go and let my natural beauty shine .” Kris-Ellen Gillette


” I really don’t like makeup, I feel like it gives people who don’t wear it more reasons to feel insecure and uncomfortable with how they look. The people who don’t cake their faces in makeup shouldn’t have to feel insecure or uncomfortable because people around them hide their blemishes and their own insecurities with concealer and cover up.

But makeup clearly helps other people to feel better about themselves so it can’t be all bad. Build up can help people boost their confidence by concealing their darknes marks and blemishes. If makeup helps you go ahead and wear it be confident in yourself, if you don’t like wearing makeup don’t but don’t let all those people who do induce you think less of yourself .” Kayla Daly


” I have hidden emotionally behind make-up ever since I was allowed to wear it. I had always had problem scalp as a teen that caused huge insecurity for me. As I grew older I think it became more of a mask to symbolically hide my feelings, hiding anxiety, insecurity, depression. I go no where without my makeup. When I heard about the No Make Up Series I knew it was a challenge I needed , not one that I wanted. As a business owner, music therapist, and licensed mental health counselor, I always have to appear like I” have it together. So I went, concealing behind a smile and BB Cream which I was asked to wipe off. I took my photo with a familiar object to help soothe my nerves( guitalele) and left. I screamed the rest of the day. Authentic self-love is a battle worth fighting. We owe it to our children and teens to show them it’s worth the fight. Loving oneself shouldn’t be a privilege, or earned, it comes with living. You are beautiful, you have a purpose, and it’s to be you, authentically .” Shannen Kim


” I love makeup because it gives me confidence. I hate makeup because it gives me confidence” Isadora Laveau


” I would say that I enjoy makeup but I feel we rely on it too much. We forget to embrace our natural beauty because of societies criteria on how girls should look. We don’t need all this highlighting and contouring of makeup to be beautiful, only a simple smile. It’s taken me a long time to not only get comfy but also embrace my naked face but I’m so glad that have. Not merely have I saved a ton of fund, I have also saved myself an extra 10 -1 5 minutes while getting ready !” Ali Baldassare


” Reasons I don’t like makeup is 1. For the obvious reason of- I sweat for a living so I want my skin to be able to breathe naturally and freely. 2. I’m completely comfortable and confident without makeup on and it’s a way to express owning who you truly are.

Reasons I like makeup: 1. Same reason I don’t like makeup is one of the reasons why I do- on days when I feel off or like I require a little facial” picking me up”, a little makeup helps me seem and feel better. When you spend day in and day out in spandex and sports bras, a little makeup brings back the femininity, the grandeur of getting dressed up and impression pretty in a different way and it’s the perfect touch to creating a specific seem .” Kinsey Osborn


” I wear makeup every day. I like it because now a day there are healthy skin make up alternatives that actually enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. I wear it to heighten the seem of my favorite feature, which are my eyes. This stimulates “i m feeling” even more confident and comfortable than I already do about my appearance and face. Its merely another form of expres with all the different colours and product alternatives.

What I dont like about make up audios so lazy. You cant just wash your face and go to bed. You have to use makeup remover and then wash your face to be able to then use your nightly products. Its hour consuming and can be a pain. If you dont your make up smears all over your pillowcase. No fun .” Amanda Beattie


” I love and detest makeup, just like I love and hate anything that is both creative and destructive. Treating women’s faces like art is a beautiful notion, but attaching our worth to a mask of ourselves is perfectly destructive. Each female has to find her balance .” Kendall Baldwin


” I love makeup because when I put it on I feel so confident but when I take it off I see that I still like the way I look and can love myself and be confident regardless of how much period I expended getting ready that morning .” Laura Gonzalez


” I LOVE the raw beauty of a persons face, the natural look to me is pure, flawless beauty! I am also intrigued how MAKEUP can transform a persons look, that’s the creative side that I admire, but deep down I don’t love or hate makeup, I’ts a love and hate thing. No girl should ever feel more or less just because they wear makeup or they don’t .” Catalina Ibarguen


” I love makeup because you can enhance or hide any feature you want; it’s like magic .” Tabata Depontes


” I detest wearing stimulating up when it is to “perfect” myself; I love to wear it when it is to look different from usual .” Elisabeth Dewailly


” I detest makeup because it constructs me feel like I’m encompassing my face with someone else’s face .” Amanda Mozea


” I love makeup because it is a beauty option that is easily accessible to me, but I don’t need it to feel strong or proud. Dutchesslu


” I LOVE makeup … I love watching videos, reading reviews, going to Sephora and trying new products but makeup is my mood enhancer … It’s not everyday I need my eyebrows” on fleek” or lashes to heaven or a bold lip … I don’t leave the house face” beat to the gods” to go to the grocery store … I don’t ever cover up my freckles, I don’t get my eyebrows done, but that’s just me … I just don’t feel the want … Don’t get me wrong I can and I will, but I am comfy with a clean and fresh face .” Rebecca Reusch


” I love not wearing makeup because it allows me to feel so natural and free. It’s nice to feel relaxed in my own skin. I do like experimenting with all the different potentials that makeup can offer. It’s fun to try new looks sometimes .” Molly Flynn


” Moisturizer, Serum, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Highlighter, Mascara. I walked into Sephora yesterday to buy a new eyeshadow and strolled out an hour afterward with $100 worth of makeup I didn’t inevitably need. I was first exposed to makeup at a young age. I grew up analyse dance so I was always required to wear it for competitions or performances. In high school I started developing classically, which meant I was wearing a leotard and tights everyday. That’s also when I started wearing makeup everyday. I detested myself and my body, but at least my face could look pretty. I realized much subsequently that it doesn’t matter how flawless your skin appears, or how long your eyelashes are if you aren’t happy on the inside. It’s mind boggling that a multi billion dollar industry can be built on the foundation of women’s insecurities. Insecurities that are fabricated by a team of marketing executives.

Is it ironic that I’m seeking a career in marketing in the beauty industry? But why wouldn’t I? Beauty standards have been shoved down my throat since I was a pre-teen. It’s the one thing I can confidently say I’m an expert in. Talk about a vicious cycle. My hope is that I can play some small role in changing those standards of beauty. I’m a firm believer that when you appear your best “youre feeling” your best. Makeup is fantastic when it is used to enhance natural beauty- not mask it. In my views, confidence is the best makeup .” Kerri Rocha


” When it comes to makeup … I barely wear any! I don’t have anything against makeup, it’s probably because I’ve never had the patience or talent to learn how to properly apply it so I’ve gone without. I’ve always felt confident in the skin I’m in .. all natural .. however imperfect it may be. On rare or special occasions, I’ll put on some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. I’ve always admired women who have the ability to express themselves through makeup. It’s definitely an art .” Janelle Mckenzie


” I do not wear makeup everyday. I go bare face to run and my regular day to day. The only hour I wear make up is to an event or if i’m going out for the night, and I keep it pretty low-key. I do not hate makeup, but I want females to know that they do not have to cover up their face with pounds of makeup to feel gorgeous. What constructs females gorgeous is being confident in their body and owning all their flaw. Makeup only improves that already radiant confidence you have, but doesn’t make it .” Anonymous


” Many days I dont wear any makeup, and many others I use simply a quick dab of concealer and a swipe of eyeliner. I love using shea butter and argan oil on my skin, and Im trying to remember to wear sunblock on sunny days! However, its important to me to not feel like I require makeup to present my face to the world. However, I love having the option to brighten up my look on an early morning, or dress up in the evening with bold red lipstick. I also always have fun with wild makeup on Halloween and for themed parties! As long as it stays fun and doesnt become a necessity, I really enjoy playing around with makeup.” Laura Chassaigne


Personally, I love makeup. I is considered that skincare is a ritual and style in which you carry love for your own beauty( inside and out )! If you take good care of your scalp( and restriction exposure to sun ), then makeup is just an added bonus. As I am now 30, I realize that I am much more careful about how I care for my skin- I want it to look, but more importantly feel good.

I love putting on a little luminizer to highlight my cheekbones, mascara, and a lip coloring. It’s funny how simply a little touch of makeup can make such a difference in making a woman feel like they are pulled together. Wearing a lip color that I know and love, I always feel a boost of confidence, especially when I am in new and unfamiliar situations. Makeup, to me, is another way to tap into self expression and self love, by treating your scalp to a little extra TLC.( it is your largest organ, after all !) Natalie Chassaigne


” I love makeup. I hate that I rely on it .” Mallorie E.


” As a 6th grader I remember putting makeup on at the school bus stop away from the watchful eye of my mother, blue eyeliner, blue eye shadow, pink lipgloss. I am ever grateful that selfies did not exist yet.

As a adolescent I was a practiced goth, mimicking the finest makeup artists in history with nods to Japanese kabuki and 1920 s film stars like Louise Brooks. I actually wore theatre makeup to work and school everyday and would have been really troubled to be seen without it.

In my 20 s and 30 s my makeup shifted to daytime professional, but club nights reverted right back the looking Id perfected- epic cat eyes and red babydoll lips. It was all very daytime Selina Kyle, Catwoman by night.

Thinking about it now, I believe wearing makeup as a young person was as much to try on new characters and personalities. Im now my own person , no need to be anyone else, so the role of makeup as mask, costume or cape is less interesting. Now I wear makeup only when I need to be polished for work or evenings out, but today its light, more to glow than to play a role or act a part. Im happiest in my own naked skin .” Brigitte L.


” I love makeup because it’s like a second wardrobe. I’m able to customize my appears to how I feel and want to be perceived each day. Like an accessory, I get to create appears that match my outfits and my position. My favorite part of my morning is drinking my coffee and watching my face transform with each stroke of my brush. My face is a canvas I get to create anew each morning.

I hate makeup because I feel like it’s so anticipated in today’s age. Sometimes I feel like letting my natural ego show and I can’t count the amount of hours I’ve been asked if I don’t feel well. I feel if we didn’t have the expectation to be made up each day according to society and our culture, we’d be able to appreciate each other’s beauty more thoroughly and intimately .” Jessica Fahlberg


” There’s a lot that I love and dislike about makeup. For me personally, I was never a fan of face makeup simply because being bi-racial, it seemed like nothing ever matched my scalp tone , nothing was ever for’ me ‘. In the process I learned to love my freckles and found out everyone around me did as well.

As for eye makeup, I love eye makeup because I’ve always been a fan of accentuating my eyes. Growing up, I would have these moments of resentment of how come I never got my father’s green eyes. Then over period I learned to love and appreciate my darker eyes, accentuating them with eyeliner, colorful eyeshadows, and mascara. They’re my favorite feature on my face and I learned that as long as I loved them, it didn’t matter what anyone else believed .” Leah Rice


” As an actress, I love wearing makeup because it allows me to play a range from 16 -2 6, and upward with the right effects.

As a woman, the ability to appreciate my own natural beauty once I’d seen what makeup could do was something that took period, but as I’ve grown I’ve find even my natural,’ merely woke up’ face is beautiful, too .” Emma Lyn


” I have a love/ hate relationship with make-up. I hate how make up perpetuates the idea that girls must be perfect at all days. I sometimes consider females wearing makeup to go to the gym or hear how they’re afraid to be in front of their significant other without makeup. We become obsessed with fitting into society’s unrealistic standards on beauty.

However, I suppose makeup can also be used to enhance features we really like about ourselves. I love going out and wearing a lipstick color that makes my smile pop .” Emelie


” I find it liberating to be bare faced and in my purest sort. I think it’s so important to remove my make-up and embracing my imperfections. We all have flaws and that’s what builds us unique and beautiful. Construct up is fun and should be an enjoyable way to enhance features. I always remember to take off my make-up and not my confidence .” Jana


Makeup can make me feel beautiful: makeup can make me feel fierce. Winged eyeliner can transform me into an Ancient Goddess; bright lipstick can turn me into a pop superstar, and foundation can promise me youth.

And just by offering that, its a kind of autonomy. More or less, we all use the same makeup, so how I wear it gives me a say in which parts of me attain me up and if that entails not wearing makeup, that too says something about me. Whether or not I wear it in itself speaks for my inner self and what it wants to look like.

In that liberty, theres identity. And if that identity genuflects my inner ferocity or my inner intensity, how I made up might just say a whole lot more about me than what it looks like. Reejuta


” I love my boyfriend and I set makeup on so he feels appreciated. This worries me because it seems anti-feminist. I wouldn’t wear it for merely myself, but I want to look good for him and demonstrate him that I like to induce little endeavours for him .” — Elizabeth S.


” I think makeup is a beauty enhancer and to each is own. However, the less I’m wearing the prettier I feel .” Olivia Connors


” I love makeup because it has the ability to brighten me up on days when I appear as crummy as I feel. Mostly, I merely wear black kohl, since it is tradition in my family and my culture. I’ve started wearing lipstick more because of my mother. I grew up seeing her wear dark lipstick everywhere. She dresses well even to go to the grocery store! I think it’s a good habit. After all, “youve never” know who you’ll meet.

I used to think it was evident of a sexist society that most women wear makeup to boost their confidence, while men seem to be blessed with an vexing over-abundance of it. Now I merely feel bad that there is still a stigma surrounding men and makeup. I think that is more sexist. Men would look gorgeous with some black eyeliner( Captain Jack anyone ??!)” Rita


” The notion of beauty to me is very moving. Everyone has there own perception of what beauty is. I don’t deem myself flawless but I am beautiful. Many people use makeup to enhance their beauty. Honestly I know nothing of that world. My mama doesn’t wear makeup( or if she did it was very little ). She never taught me how to use so I never felt the necessity of achieving it. I’ve always been too scared it would break out my scalp anyways.

The most I have done is fill in my eyebrows and that is in itself very seldom. I’m a simple girl with a simple attitude. I like my life simple. If I have to spend an extra 30 -4 5 minutes just to finish my makeup I’ll be too tired and end up biding home lol.

I love my no makeup lifestyle. Tee shirt, sweatpants, sneakers, beanie and I’m out the door. I’m beautiful oh yeah and so is my mommy with her no makeup ego. P.S. I don’t know how to put it on anyhow !” Itohan


” Construct up is like music to me and I love rockin’ all type of lookings. My mood chooses my make-up application, just like my mood chooses the music Im listening to. Ill rock red lips and a smoky eye when Im feeling sexy, some mascara with a light lip gloss when Im chilled out and no make up at all when Im feeling casual and relaxed .” Jill Strada


” Ahhh yes…make-up. It wasn’t until I got into my 20′ s that make-up seemed pretty darn important. Constant run-ins with beautiful friends and their newest MAC collectings peaked my interest, though it was never genuinely my “thing”. It made me feel like someone else.

I never wanted to be that person who took off my make-up at the end of the day and was unrecognizable. Women seemed to be concealing themselves behind it. So, a little eyeliner here, a little bronzer…some lip gloss there, that’s how I would wear mine. I disliked the raccoon eyes from the humidity during summertime, much like my frizzy hair and after long nights of clubbing.

Fast forward to now. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Much like myself other groups of women I’d satisfied were going through the same journey of lost eyebrows and eye lashes and again make-up was there to cover up and construct us all feel “normal”, just like a security blanket.

I thank God for not only being cancer free today but for instilling in me the confidence to go barefaced and to let women everywhere know, that no matter what tone, what hair, which eyebrows you have( or absence of ), you are 100% special and no bronzer can take that away from you. Today, I challenge you all to feel beautiful in the skin that your in .” Shanda Foster


I recollect being a little girl, backstage at various dance recitals, filled with exhilaration the moment that I got to pop that bright red lipstick on and prance around in my tap shoes. I have always loved makeup. Theres something exciting about being able to tap into different parts of my personality and express that through my makeup, clothes, hair, etc.

I dont hate makeup per se; I just dislike the style that I feel about myself without it. I have sat here wondering when the hell the idea of not wearing makeup began to make me feel less beautiful. I dislike the route makeup can be presented with an underlying subtext that tells women they are less beautiful without it. Every woman should feel beautiful and confident with or without makeup.

It felt unbelievably liberating to spend an entire day without makeup for this photo series. To be honest, I was astonished at how quickly I forgot that I wasnt wearing makeup. Ive begun wearing less and less makeup in my day-to-day life as a result and have felt more and more comfy and confident in my own skin. It feels so refreshing to be unapologetically myself and to embrace my flaws. I have also gained a whole new appreciation for the art of makeup and feel more excited to implement it rather than feeling that its something I HAVE to do. Kaitlyn Quilty


I love spending hour on my makeup Friday and Saturday nights. Monday morning, the last thing I feel like/ am worried about doing is taking the time to make sure my eyebrows are perfectly shaped.

For me, there is a time and place for a full face of makeup. With the exception of mascara and chapstick. Yea…the more I think about it…I would succumb in a zombie apocalypse without some mascara and chapstick. Cara Brindisi


I have feel like Im in an abusive relationship with make-up. I dislike it. I love it. I know I could do better without it, but it just induces me feel so good. I actually just recently embraced makeup. I was a former plain-jane. Hardly ever wore it, and preferred to be a makeup free and ponytail kinda of girl. But as I have gotten older I appreciate how it enhances some features, hides some of my flaws and can turn up the amp( ironically, one of my favorite lipsticks is called Up the Amp) on my best features.

I commonly wear make-up to work Monday through Thursday and Friday( thank you dress down Friday) through Sunday, I am make-up free. I perfectly LOVE shopping for make-up and then Ill get home and play dress up and wonder if Im just fooling myself that I could ever pull it off.

This year, I made a promise to myself that I would wear lipstick more often so I would stop impression like a clown when I did wear it and only feel fairly. As you can tell, the love-hate thing with make-up is very real. Linaris Falcon


I love makeup because it gives you the opportunity to express yourself visually; same as way, and hair. Makeup allows you to look and feel differently than you would normally.

That being said, I believe, perfection is a disease of our nation. Woman and more importantly, young woman, feel that they can only be perfect with makeup and that is something that I hate about makeup. You should be happy and feel beautiful before you experiment with makeup, in my opinion. Anna S.


” One of my earliest recollection as small children is watching and observing my mom exquisitely apply her makeup in the mornings for work or for our household gatherings. I remember wishing that time would go rapidly so I could be old enough to have my own makeup bag so I could play around with all the latest products, just like she did. As most girls I assume, I would sneak into my moms suitcase and try employ her eye shadows and mascara when she wasnt looking.

As I grew up and got to experiment with makeup, theres nothing like glamming up in the morning and starting my day with glitz and glamour. However, there definitely is something liberating and natural about being bare face in the comfort of your home or out in the streets. Besides the fact that you let your skin exhale, people have the ability to appreciate and embrace a womans true beauty.

I think that after being in this wonderful no makeup series, I will not only go out more often with nothing but a natural incandescence on my face, but also feel more confident doing so .” Nataly


” I love that as a woman I have the advantage of being able to conceal imperfections with makeup…I abhor that as a woman our imperfections are expected to be disguised with makeup .” Tina


” As long as I can remember I have loved makeup! I would describe pictures of people, and the females always had red lipstick. When I was a little girl I used to watch my mother put on her makeup. I always wanted to wear lipstick. Sometimes she would set a little on me and I would just love it, Id prance around the house and look in the mirror! I loved the scent of her Maja face powder and blush. I admired her skill in drawing in her eyebrows and darkening up the beauty spot on her cheek.

I wasnt allowed to wear makeup until I was 15. Wearing makeup officially induced you a young lady in my world. When I had my Quinces 15 th birthday party, which is similar to a Sweet 16, I was allowed to wear makeup for the party and my aunt was the makeup artist that day. I was very excited and felt all grown up. I love makeup and I enjoy trying new things and experimenting with colors and styles. I dont wear a lot of makeup but I own a ton of it. It is fun and it induces “youre feeling” dressed up. On the weekends I go totally natural with only moisturizer and chapstick! I love both my full made up face and my natural face !” Eve Lyn


” As for makeup, I love it. I use it more to enhance certain features rather than for concealing flaws and try to keep it to the bare minimum. I started regularly using make up at about 14 or 15 but I’ve noticed I really cut back as time went on. I think it’s because I learned to appreciate my own natural beauty and that of others. Makeup should be fun , not a requirement to fit in .” Caroline C.


The reason why I hate wearing makeup is because” you get what you get” when it is necessary to me. I shouldn’t have to mold my self worth or my physical appearance to be accepted by a person. Love me for me or don’t love me at all. Julia Garcia


I don’t like makeup much. I feel as if it takes away from my natural beauty. I’d rather wear my freckles instead of trying to hide them. I guess that’s just me. Mandii


” I don’t love or dislike make up its simply that I don’t need it, it’s not my style and I look beautiful without it” natural beauty. Rashida Ellis


” It builds me feel like I live a life that I opt when I don’t wear makeup. I’m just me, I’m not here for anyone to please them or look pretty for them or conform to whatever their ideas of me are .” — Adrienne W.


I dont like makeup and its everyday usage in our culture. When I was younger, having a mother who was a makeup artist made it seem unavoidable. I used to feel like I needed to wear it to get noticed, to fit in. I knew how unhealthy these thinks were, so I decided to break them. I went a year without wearing any makeup. These are just a few of the most rejuvenating hours for my ego image, a breath of fresh air.

When I wear makeup, I feel more self conscious. I find myself needing to check up on it constantly; asking myself, Is it running? Am I wearing too much blush? Stupid things we shouldnt be concerning ourselves with when life is so short. Yes, it can make me feel very pretty in certain situations, but I dont favor wearing makeup. I like the thought of being exactly who I am. Theres no need for me to be anyone else, I couldnt be if I tried. What you see is what you get.

Aside from your new waterproofed mascara that you can party all night in, or that bronzer that gives you that sun-kissed touch in the middle of winter, what do you really care about? At the end of the working day, its whats inside that really matters. We cant improve our seems as we get older, but we can always improve who we are as people and the mark we leave on this globe. Let your experiences make up their own lives. Jamie


” When I was younger I wore much more makeup than I do now. I wanted to look older, to cover my flaws, and to stimulate myself look like someone else. As I got older, makeup became something I used to enhance my natural beauty.

During the summer, I usually just wear some mascara to build my eyelashes longer to look younger. I will use some cover up just for covering acne and some powder to assistance polish the scalp to make it appear smoother. In winter I’ll add a bit of blush so I don’t appear so pale. I do not like or use liquid foundations anymore because they feel heavy. I also think it settles in my wrinkles and builds me appear older. I also feel makeup annoys my scalp and builds my acne worse. It also is quite expensive and a pain to wash off.

Makeup is fun to use if you want to change your look, attaining you appear older or younger. I feel more comfortable wearing less and less as I’ve became more confident in myself. I feel a confident female is what makes a woman beautiful, makeup or no makeup .” Dr. Stacey


” I love makeup. It’s like a shield when I go out. I feel more powerful .” — Dena P


” I truly enjoy the versatility of makeup, but I also love being able to take it off and be naturally beautiful .” Chantal


Makeup is an amazing style to show self-expression, it enhances your beauty and it really is an art sort when done correctly. I will never be able to give up makeup because of its versatility and the power I feel when I have the perfect wing eyeliner. However, there is a flipside, and that flipside is skincare.

Wearing makeup everyday, especially foundation can cause a bad reaction for some. In my mind, there is always a happy medium of light makeup and attaining sure to keep the skin moisturized, sunscreened, and makeup free. What’s important is how “youre feeling”, whether “youre feeling” more confident with makeup or without, there is beauty there no matter what. Ari


” I like makeup because it can show girls they’re beautiful even when they think they are not. I detest makeup because you cannot really demonstrate what you truly definitely sounds like under all that makeup; its always nice to go a few days with out makeup to show off your natural facial features .” Tiffany


I’ve never really been a big makeup daughter, likely because my cluelessness and unsteady hand usually led to some colorful disaster on my face. I feel so much prettier without makeup. I actually hate the weight of makeup and how it builds “youre feeling” as if you can’t be free, for dread it might rub off on someone or on your clothes.

When I do wear makeup its usually a little blush, some eyeshadow and a touch of mascara; its very natural, unless I am on stage filming, then I will wear foundation. I feel liberated when I is to be able to scratch makeup wipes over my face and rid myself of that weight.

Nonetheless, I just recently started having more fun with makeup, especially lipstick. It’s so grown on me. I love choosing a colour based on my mood or what kind of statement I want to build when I go out. Still, I think its important to love the blank canvas, because that is the true masterpiece. I love being naturally me! Betty


” Makeup can help you feel good about yourself: however, when that is taken too far, you lose who you are under a mask. Our unique flaws are what stimulate us beautiful .” Phoebe Stoye


” No makeup to me means simply natural beauty. The notion of being a part of the No-Makeup photo shoot realized a deep longing for merely being me, like it or not- letting run of the social culture that is in compliance an ideal of tainted beauty.

I believe in the message projected in this shoot and appreciate the invaluable message behind it. Women should be rebels of natural beauty and not give in to stereotype of what girls should look like. We should love ourselves for who we are, instead of what society wants us to be or how it wants us to looking!

Be free, be beautiful without makeup .” Maria Moreno


” I hate wearing stimulating up when it is to “perfect” myself; I love to wear it when it is to look different from usual .” Tabata Depontes


” We are NOT born with make up ON and everyone always says how beautiful babies are…I think it should stay that route until we grow old. My name is Mabelle Cassiel and I am 8 years old. I suppose beauty comes from inside of all of us. Mabelle Cassiel


” I love makeup as a sort of self expres. I’ve had the pleasure of working with professionals from the beauty the enterprises and they are wonderful artists and scientists. I believe people should do what they like, what induces them feel good. If that’s makeup, that’s awesome. If it isn’t, that’s cool. I don’t believe in” brain washing” on a mass scale and I suppose the individual is responsible for which beauty products he or she uses to express and/ or care for him or herself.

I wear makeup as a professional actor/ model at work but don’t always prefer it for my everyday life. I love the idea of adornment and celebration of the ego, or expres of notions through manner and beauty as artistic media. I love the rite of being a musician where the transformation stage in makeup/ wardrobe is such a key moment for me .” Mary Beth


” Never mind the fact that every time I have a full face of makeup( i.e foundation, concealer, eye shadows, powders etc .) my face inevitably breaks out the next day. I do think makeup is a pretty cool enhancement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the natural appear. I love a beautiful bare face; I go towards that look mainly. However, I do find myself enjoying the art in applying colour components to the face that enhance your features, when done the right way; that’s cool with me .” Therlande


” I wear very minimal makeup; a little under the eye concealer, mascara, eyeliner and some blush is the most Ill ever wear on my face. I don’t like the feeling of makeup on my face, it feels unnatural for me. I just started wearing lipstick which I actually love! But that will only come out when I want to feel like a vixen. Ha !” Bory Sok


” Ive always loved makeup. Not so much the face makeup that all guys get upset by due to a female’s insensitivity to fresh white t-shirts. I’m talking about the eye makeup, the colorings, the mascara.

I’m not one of the girls who believes makeup is a necessity. It’s an accessory, and like all accessories must be used to compliment what’s already there. Some girls think makeup is a way to cover up and attempt to blend in; however, I see it as another dimension to our personalities. Plus, there’s nothing more mysterious and sexy about a pretty mouth in a flawless deep red or an eyeliner that kills with one look .” Stephanie


” When I wear makeup its fun because it feels like art on my face; however, it also feels like putting junk on my face, so I merely do it for special occasions. In addition, makeup seems best on healthy scalp and for skin to be healthy you need to let the pores breath !” Johanna


” I love not wearing makeup, I feel so fresh and so clean, clean. But I love wearing a little bit because it makes me feel fairly .” Dawn Marie


” In a world of no makeup, confidence stimulates up for makeup .” Pamela


” I don’t like the idea of putting artificial, chemical, or drying things on my face !” Paulina


” Makeup is pretty cool in the sense that you can play with it. You can mix colours, add some stuff, take away some stuff and make it all your own. If you play your cards right, a little can go along way. And there is SO MUCH out there! But I believe that a woman should have her staples; mine are lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and shadow.

I hate makeup because too much of any one thing is not good. We live in a society that promoted flawlessness and perfection and I think that is detrimental. We all have flaws, and while one should be able to enhance their appearance, hiding is something else. We should be encouraged to embrace our flaws , not shun them, and sometimes makeup is an enemy. While makeup going to be able to, the committee is also can hurt .” Natasha


” I have a love/ hate relationship with makeup. Largely because of my sensitive scalp, but also, taking the time to apply it. When I was younger makeup constructed me feel more confident. Now I see it as art. I still think its bad for your skin. Without makeup I feel more clean and free without having to worry about touching up. Also, I see who really likes me for my natural ego versus my made up self .” Wendy


” I was never one for war paint. I believe, when I was younger, it was more of a feminist uprising, similar reasons I didn’t get my ears pierced. In my mind, NOT doing the things that society constructed criterion for females, built me stand out as a confident girl who didn’t need to conform to anyones notion on what a girl should or shouldn’t look like.

After some more growing up, it became an issue of just plain not wanting or needing to put one across makeup; shit, I don’t even know how! I’m fortunate to have a decent complexion, and I like the style I seem sans makeup. I have freckles sprinkled across my snout, big eyes, and an Italian snout; I think all those things compliment me just fine without any assistance .”

I still stand strong in those values today. I think procuring beauty within yourself is crucial. We don’t need all these illusions to construct us fairly, we are pretty. We’re fucking gorgeous beings, every one of us. No matter what sizing, shape, or color we are able, we are all beautiful.

Its a dishonor that society has induced females entirely afraid of true beauty. We need to stand up and take back the pretty!
OWN IT! Leah V.


” I love makeup because you can enhance your best features and encompass your flaws or when you want to be glam. Day to day, though, Ive find I get the most compliments when I dont wear makeup or when Im not trying so hard. So perhaps those flaws matter only to me .” Tiffany


” I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with make up. In my every day life I hardly ever wear it, but love the way I appear when I insure my face all made up. I think you have to practice moderation when it comes to make up. I never want to hide behind it. Attain up is intended to enhance what God has already blest us with !” Stacie


” Makeup is fun, its exciting and its creative. But theres also nothing better than a natural beauty. No affectation , no coverups, just you: naked and beautiful !” Precious Lopez


” I have tired eyes. Because of this, I like to wear a small amount of makeup to conceal the absence of sleep; it induces me seem slightly more vibrant in my pale skin. I enjoy a natural looking so a minimal amount( of makeup) is all that I require. Sofja


” I dislike to wear makeup because I feel like many people use it as a mask to hide behind. I think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. I also believe that society is placing some unreasonable expectations on females today to fit the supermodel mold. We should be able to accept ourselves as “weve been”. Beauty is meant to be natural !” Chelsey


” Makeup going to be able to change your appear, your mood, your personality. When i’m feeling blah, sometimes just getting ready and putting makeup on helps me to feel “re ready for” the day. Or when I’m going out for the night, it helps to set the mood and how I may act for the night- demure, classy, flirty, sassy…makeup is almost like a costume or a character I take on, allowing me to tap into other areas of my personality. I suppose I learn about myself that route too.

Makeup, regrettably can be used to inter who we are because of insecurities. I guess I’m guilty of even use at as crutch. To cover up things I don’t like about myself. Society can stimulate you feel like you should even think about leaving the house without it; especially after find magazine after publication exploiting” Celebrities without Makeup ,” as a negative thing, but then have an article on the” 10 Things You Can Do To Love Yourself ,” it’s a very confusing world .” Megan


” I actually dont wear makeup so much anymore, which is funny because I absolutely adore makeup and spend style too much money on it! But my face, and others, is my canvas. I do my makeup when I feel inspired; it’s a fun outlet to make something new .” Lilliana Jimenez


I’m Armenian. Eye liner and mascara are all that exist to me. Maybe a little lip gloss but the REAL makeup? High mother fucking heels. Christina N.


” I have a love/ hate relationship with makeup. Largely because of my sensitive skin, but also, taking the time to apply it. When I was younger makeup stimulated me feel more confident. Now I see it as art. I still think its bad for your scalp. Without makeup I feel more clean and free without having to worry about touching up. Also, I consider who really likes me for my natural ego versus my made up self. Wendy


I love makeup but its nice to be free every now and then. Lisa Bello

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