100 Things To Be Grateful For

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We take stock of the monumental moments — that promotion at work, spending another vacation with our loved ones — but what about the tiny gems?

There’s something to be said for the rare moments throughout the day that attain you smile. Research indicates carrying gratitude can increase your overall well-being, from better relationships to better sleep.

Need a little help recalling some things to be thankful for? We’ve got you encompassed. Below are 100 little successes, moments and items to be grateful for every day. Because candidly, it’s the ordinary things that build life extraordinary.

Be grateful for…

Your pet. Study show pet ownership increases happiness. Making the subway just before the doors close. Success!
Good hair days. Humidity is no one’s friend.
Your morning coffee. A cup of joe has outstanding health benefits. Not to mention, it’s a good excuse to catch up with your colleagues before your day begins. The moment you have exact change. How else are you going to use those pennies? That movie that always builds you laugh. Laughter has been linked to health benefits ranging from a better immune system to lower blood pressure. When the bus driver considers you running and waits 10 extra seconds to let you on. No waiting in the rainfall for you. When someone assures your hands are full and opens the door for you. Don’t underestimate the power of a small gesture. Your health. The more you appreciate your well-being, the more youll prioritize it. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your health. Sunny winter days. Many people are subject to the “winter blues” during the seasonal shift, making the blissfully “warm and sunny” days in the middle of the season a precious gift. Your close friends. Survey show hanging out with your BFF can reduce stress. The holidays. They don’t call it “the most wonderful day of the year” for nothing. Here’s how to carry the exhilaration of the season with you all year ’round. Puppy videos. How are you able resist this face? Your favorite Tv prove. You genuinely can’t assist but become invested in the juicy love triangles or the drama. Humans are psychologically wired to get attached to fictional characters. Adele’s new album. Or any emotional piece of music, for that matter. Research shows that you simply can’t help but listen to sad ballads — and they have psychological benefits. The moment when your food comes at a restaurant. Drool. Your child’s face after they get a present. That’s what pure elation looks like. Thank you notes. It feels just as good to send one as it does to get one. Opportunities to volunteer. Research shows helping others doesn’t just stimulate them feel good, but it also boosts your happiness. Your co-workers. You expend the majority of your weekday waking hours with them. They definitely stimulate that nine-to-five feeling more bearable. When your favorite song comes on the radio at the perfect moment. Admit it, you’ve entirely flailed your limbs when your jam comes through the speakers. It’s like destiny is on your side. A great hike. When you’re done, it feels like you’ve accomplished some great feat. Plus, there are serious benefits to spending some time in nature. A really comfortable chair. Naps welcome( they’re good for you !). When you wake up before your alarm and get to roll back over. A few more hours to sleep? Score. Not setting an alarm on a weekend. Rating again. Chocolate. There’s a health benefitto the sweet treat, in case you needed a reason. When your dog is so happy to see you. Fido not only loves you unconditionally, research demonstrates dogs consider you family and alleviate nervousnes. Familial support. They’ve got your back. Adult friendships. Some things only get better with age. Research shows close friendships help increase longevity. Getting lost in a good book. Studies show that reading fiction actually stimulate you more empathetic in real life. Here are some suggestions if you’re seeming a new novel. Cozy scarves. Winter entails sporting these bad sons all day, every day. Successfully making a challenging recipe. And then feeing it in all its delicious glory. Appearing for a new recipe? Try one of these. Your other half. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, spouse or merely an awesome partner in crime. These relationships boost our well-being. Vacations. Research depicts planning a journey boosts your happiness. Pick a place and head out. Office-provided snacks. There’s nothing wrong with loving free food. Alone time. At periods it can feel less precious than it truly is. Here’s how to learn to embrace alone time. December 22 nd. That’s when the working day start getting longer again. Three cheers for( eventually) more sunlight! Comfortable shoes. It’s like strolling on a pillow. An awesome boss. Your management plays a big role in your workplace wellness. And the better the workplace, the happier you are. A favorite night shirt. Or any decide of pajamas for that are important. What you wear to bed sets your sleep up for success. Being a mother. Tiny humen are adorable and hilarious — but yours are the best, of course. Being single. Guess of how much independence you have. You are not defined by your relationship status. A great pair of jeans. Talk about a confidence boost. Sharing a smile with a stranger. Doing so increases your happiness. Sibling bonds. There’s nothing quite like them. Here’s proof. A perfectly-made cocktail. Best paired with a Friday night.Try one of these mouthwatering recipes. Or a really good craft brew. The more seasonal, the very best. Or wine. Whatever you prefer, actually. Your parents. Survey show that calling your mom can reduce stress, so pick up that phone! Friday nights. Actually, is there any better feeling than knowing you have two days free? Sunday mornings. Perfect for brunch. Netflix. Kick back, relax and watch a whole season of “Scandal.” You’ve earned it. Being understood. There are some people who just get you, whether it’s your penchant for being early to every social event or the fact that you cry when you get mad. And that’s awesome. A great joke. Here’s a free one to share at your next social situate: Why did the Clydesdale get the pony a glass of water? Answer: Because he was a little horse. Being outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine — what’s not to like? It also has great mental health benefits. A great meal with old friends. Research proves sharing a dinner is linked to more prosocial and altruistic behaviors. Cheering for your team. Root, root, root for the home squad. Science says being can can improve your health and happiness . Long weekends. The second best thing next to long weekends? Four-day workweeks. Sunsets. Those little moments of awe increase feelings of well-being. The feeling you get after a long run. The runner’s high is real. Or walker’s high, if that’s what you prefer. Old yearbooks. A explosion to the past may be good. Studies indicate nostalgia may increase feelings of optimism. Cousins. Or any other extended family that feels like your immediate family, for that matter. Blooms. They’re aesthetically pleasing and it feels downright great when someone sends you some. What’s not to like? The first signs of a new season. After a bitterly cold winter, spring sounds like the best thing in the world. The cold side of the pillow. There’s something curiously satisfying about it. Having the bed all to yourself. You can basically salivate, sleep diagonally, toss and turn or do what it is you want. Your favorite convenience food. Mac ‘n cheese savors endlessly better when you’re having a bad day, doesn’t it? Wacky family traditions. You probably have a million popsicle-stick reindeer for your Christmas tree at this point, but they construct the holidays unique and give you a chuckle, at least. The moment when you can’t control your laughter. You know you’re not supposed to laugh during this earnings report meeting, but your brain has other plans. Your favorite place in your house or city. Whether it’s a nook in your living room or Bow Bridge in Central Park, it’s always there when you need a little consolation and time to reflect. The merriment you feel when you find an extra dollar in your pouch. Bonus points if you give it to someone who needs it more than you do. Catching an item someone hurls at you. Acknowledge it, you feel a little bit like a superhero when your reflexes are on point. Snow days. You can either look at it as totally vexing or as an excuse to act like a kid again. The moment your cat does something silly. Like freaking out over a cucumber, for example. A good sob. Research depicts letting out your feelings can construct you feel better than before you even got upset in the first place. Your favorite odor. There’s just something comforting about it. Plus, certain aromas even benefit your well-being. A good night’s rest. Is there anything more refreshing? Not to mention it has numerous health perks. Concerts. Rock. On. Analyses suggest that when you spend money on experiences , not material things, you’re happier. A perfectly ripe avocado. Here are a few routes you can use it. Opening a present. The fact that someone took the time to put guessed into giving you something is a gift in itself. Sex. Here’s why you should have it as often as possible, from improved relationships to even a few health benefits. Lunch hour. Taking a break from your desk will help improve your productivity. Consider it your midday contribution to your job. Fun workout classes. It doesn’t matter if it’s SoulCycle, aerial yoga or something else. The more engaged you are, the better the workout. A long, hot shower or bath. Ahhh, feel the relaxation( and reap the benefits ). Old school ballads. Permission to jam out to Boyz II Men? Granted. A genuinely captivating volume. Get lost in a novel — science says it’s good for your intellect. Random run-ins with your friends on the street. Talk about a pleasant amaze! Winning a game. Who’s the Scrabble master? You are. Your favorite school teacher. You know the one: The educator who inspired you to pursue your career or the one who helped you raise your SAT score. Teachers like this guy. Reaching every green light on your commute. So long, traffic. When a package has bubble wrap. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 45 or 85, bubble wrap is a universally joyful product. Pop, pop. Handwritten snail mail. Texting has attained letters essentially obsolete, so the gift of real mail should be treasured. The opportunity to act like a kid again. This may be prompted by some of the aforementioned items( hello, bubble wrap !) but it doesn’t make a difference. Besides, the art of play can boost your well-being. Surprise parties. There’s something so inherently touching about the fact that your friends spent time thinking of a route to construct you happy when you least expect it.
A night in. There’s something pacifying in having no plans and the only person you have to answer to is the delivery guy knocking on your doorway. This helpful button. Sometimes there are situations that call for a giant “NOOOO.” That’s okay. That feeling you get when you fix something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tube in the house or a knot in a necklace, it’s still an accomplishment. Coloring volumes. Study present they’re a good way to relieve stress. When you accidentally get something for free. No extra $2.50 for guacamole today! Yourself. You deserve all the happiness and kindness in the world — don’t forget it.

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