You Don’t Like A Holiday Gift And You Didn’t Get A Receipt — Here’s What You Can Do

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Has someone ever handed you a gift during the holidays that built you pull one of these?

Yeah, same. Even people with the best poker faces can’t assistance but grimace at bad incense and apparel that induces them wish they were never born.

And you’ve likely been there more than once. If you’re not a garbage heap with legs, you probably didn’t tell, “Listen, Susan. I want to light this sweater on fire, ” and then ask for a gift receipt when she handed you a knitted monstrosity. Luckily, you can just be an ass behind closed doors and dispose of told gift by donating and selling new and gently utilized stuff you don’t want.

You won’t be able to sell the sweater once you’ve taken a grill lighter to it, but for everything else, here are a few tips-off for dealing with unwanted gifts.

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1. ThredUP

Just because something is brand name doesn’t mean you’ll love it. Get cash for your new and gently utilized attire from ThredUP. They take pieces for women and children. For a full list of accepted brands, click here!

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2. Grailed

Hey, dudes. Did you get 65,000 sweaters and flannels you’ll never wear? Grailed has you encompassed. For details on how to sell, check this out.

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3. The Real Real

If someone hands you some Fendi shoes and you hate them, you should really merely give them back since you’re an unappreciative ogre and they should be able to return them. That being said, if you want to live your monster truth, you could go ahead and wear them once, murder some photos, and sell them on sites like They merely accepted top-tier decorator clothes, shoes, and accessories. Find more selling info here.

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4. Poshmark

Poshmark is where it’s at. You can sell any damn thing you want on here in the clothing/ shoes/ accessories department, and it can be used. Round up all 6,000 scarves you got for Christmas and raid your closet for stuff you no longer wear. Post it on the Poshmark app and wait for money to roll in. Make an account here!

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5. Twice

Into the idea of Poshmark but not so into having to take pictures and listing stuff yourself? Sell similar pieces on the Twice app. All you have to do is mail your new and used items to the company and they’ll photograph and post everything for you! Download the app for Android.

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6. Glambot

Makeup is the best, but it’s a hard thing to gift. If you’re never going to wear that bright red MAC lipstick, head over to Glambot to sell it. They even have a sanitation squad, so the company will take gently used cosmetics as well! Click here for a list of accepted brands.

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7. Shopify

Like makeup, unless you know exactly what someone wants, devoting out fragrance for Christmas can be hit or miss. If you got a miss this year, create a Shopify account and sell it to someone who already knows they love it. For more information, click here.

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This is another great site for selling unwanted makeup. For more information about selling on MUABS, click here.

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9. Project Beauty Share

To give back to women in need, donate makeup, skincare, and haircare products you don’t wishes to Seattle-based nonprofit Project Beauty Share. Access to makeup and hygiene products is a matter of dignity for those dealing with homelessness. Your donation could help a woman get back on her feet and feel her best at scheduled interview. To learn more, visit their website!

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10. SellShark

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Could do without yet another Apple gadget? SellShark will give you cash for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and more in great condition. To learn how to sell your unwanted Apple tech, check this out.

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11. Sell Broke

Whereas SellShark only takes Apple products, Sell Broke accepts all different kinds of gadgets. Visit their site for more info!

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If you still want some stuff but not necessarily the stuff you were given, trade in your electronics( or just about anything, for that are important) on Amazon to get gift cards for the site. Here‘s all the information you’ll need.

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